IHBF: It’s all about Bethenny, screw everyone else. Bethenny is the wife from hell. Ep 1-3

I’m sorry I have not been recapping this hot of a mess show. I can barely sit through 10 minutes with out turning the channel. My husband who is a reasonable man agrees. She is a hot mess. It took me a week to get through the first episode.  I am not exaggerating either. Painful .

So I am not going to point out every scene, I just want to make some points from what I observed over all from episode 1-3. We are on three right? Did I skip one? I welcome anyone to submit a review and I will be happy to post it.

Jason’s Family
Bethenny plans a Birthday party for Jason. She thinks it’s perfect so Jason should just think so also. We all remember what an ungrateful bitch Bethenny was last year at her party. The woman is in her 40’s, she needs to stop using her child hood as an excuse, get over your self already. Just because she feels certain ways doesn’t mean that Jason has to lower his standards.
Bethenny needs to realize that Jason and his parents are close. Get over it Bethenny. It’s not all about you. The man is humiliating is self letting you film your lives together for the world to see. It’s not like they see each other every weekend. How is Bethenny going to feel if Bryn marries a controlling monster like her self and Bryn’s spouse doesn’t want Bethenny involved like she don’t want his parents? She knew that Jason and his parents are close when they met. I’ll get to that in a minute because I know what you’re thinking.

I invited my husbands (feels so weird to say husband, but boyfriend at the time) parents to his surprise party. Bethenny forgets that its Jason’s birthday party, not hers. When Jason put together’s Bethenny’s party, he even went out of his way to make sure that people weren’t left out, of course that sill wasn’t good enough for Bethenny.  Why does she get upset as she usually does, ruining it for everyone else and make it about her? She should of just said, “oh that’s right, I’m sorry, I’ll invite them” His parents aren’t going to be around much longer. She wants Bryn to have family in her life and not grow up like she did, (we are learning her child hood wasn’t as bad as Bethenny makes it out to be)  so WTF are you doing Bethenny?
Does Bethenny forget that his younger brother passed away and this is why he has this close bond with his parents?  Matter in fact, I don’t think their bond is much different than most people have with their parents and I’m not so close with my parents.Does everyone forget how badly Bethenny spoke of his parents last season and continues to blurt out personal things, such as having cob webs on his penis, pissing in garbage cans on her wedding day. Who can forget Bethenny being a bitch and ruining everyone’s thanksgiving, the list goes on, the ridiculous comments about people in his town regarding their teeth. Bethenny is a mean girl.  Bethenny is trying to pass it off as wanting to make people laugh and she is putting her fans before her marriage and that is my friend, fucked up. I totally understand why Jason cringes when he confronts her.  It’s embarrassing when it shows on T.V., he doesn’t want to make an ass out of his wife (or his self)  and when he talks to her privately she cries to viewers that there are two Jason’s.  My goodness Bethenny, what are you going to deal when real problems hit you?
Yes, I know they agreed to this when they met.  Jason has made so many adjustments to keep her happy and Bethenny isn’t budging.  She is a taker not a giver. The show is called “Bethenny ever after”  You would think she would somehow include her husband and daughter in some how. Bethenny ever after with her family or what ever.  It’s on a one street in that marriage and the road she is traveling is about to close. No more detours, Jason is getting fed up. Can you blame him?

When you think about it, poor Jason didn’t know what he was getting into. There is no nice way to put this, as Bethenny would say, they met, fucked, got knocked up, had a wedding, (remember she didn’t let his parents take pictures of his wedding, what a bitch ) and didn’t really get to know each other first. Or at least he thought.  Bethenny keeps using her child hood as an excuse for her childish and selfish behavior. Now that most of her friends are paid to be around her, Jason is the only one who calls her out on her shit. Bethenny has  editing power, she makes him look like the bad guy. Just as much as Bethenny bitches to her paid therapist who won’t tell her the real deal cries that Jason knew who she was when they got married, it works two ways. Jason is too good for this woman. I am betting the reason why Jason is upset about the pre-nup is because I bet he put much of his business aside to help her and lost out on ventures on his own. I bet she told him, I’ll take care of us, and now she is letting everyone know that she is which is so wrong and making him look like a piece of shit by saying things like I really bought the house.
It’s one thing to make your fans happy, but her fans would understand that she needs to work on her self. Live for yourself. If you are not happy, how can you make other people happy?  I laugh at the idea of her and the talk show crap. This is a woman who admitted that she doesn’t like to be around people and it’s obvious that Bethenny is all about her, she can’t shut up for one minute when someone talks about their self.

Bethenny knows it bothers Jason when she talks the way she does, like about his penis, the bedroom stuff and she does it every season. if Jason said she had cobwebs on her vagina, she would be crying a river of tears to her famewhore fake therapist saying he is so mean. Treat Jason the way you want to be treated Bethenny wife from hell..
What excuse is she going to use when Bryn starts repeating what she says?
She can use the excuse with Jason that he knew what he was getting into, but what excuse will she use when Bryn picks up her gutter talk? Well this is who I am? She has to learn to not repeat what she hears? Another pass for Bethenny to be obnoxious?

Anyone who bought Bethenny’s book should demand a refund. Clearly Bethenny doesn’t practice what she preaches or knows how to handle things when your lucky enough to have it all. If this is how life is when you have it all, then I don’t want it all, I am happy just the way I am. What more does this woman want? She made sure the world knew that she got on RHNY although she wasn’t a wife or a mother. HOUSEWIVES in case you forgot.  Behtenny made sure we all knew she was dead broke. She has a fortune now. Bethenny cried she wanted a baby, she has one, she is married to a man that has been more than tolerant with her.  Bethenny wants Bryn not to grow up and not be a hateful bitch like she is, well you know what, Bethenny better do a 360 fast. It’s obvious that Bethenny is the problem. People can say all they want that Jason fights dirty. I bet he doesn’t confront her on TV because as I said,  he doesn’t want to humiliate his wife. Somethings should be done in private. Reality show my ass. Are you going to keep sacrificing your marriage because you’re a fame whore Bethenny?  Don’t blame it on the fans saying they want to see it all. What happened to settling your ass down and being a mother?  You’re excuse before was you had to work, you don’t have to now please get the hell off our T.V’s. Yep Jason is so mean, what a monster he is.  There are people starving who have no home and they are happier than Bethenny. Since Bethenny likes to talk about penises so much, her fame whore therapist needs to grow balls around his penis and stand up to her and stop letting her hear what she wants to. I do give him credit for trying to part ways with her in season 1 but Bethenny wasn’t having that. She knows damn well no other therapist would tell her things that she wanted to hear just to please her.

When Bethenny gets real problems then I will sympathize. This is a joke. Only people I sympathize for is Jason and Bryn. If they divorce, I hope Jason uses the footage to use against Bethenny.  In my opinion, Bethenny is to much of a hot mess to be a single mother. Bryn would be better of with Jason.

I’ll be back in a few, I am sorry I sound so bitchy, but I watched the shows. I got your requests for recaps and I delivered.  ..sort of..


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IHBF: Barfenny and Kyle Man Hands before they were…..let’s say (in)famous.

Who would of known these man girls knew each other before they jumped on Bravo money train.

Barfenny and Kyle Man

                      Photo Credit By: Google Images


Ironic that two people I despise would of known each other back in the day.. I don’t know why this gives me the chills.  More Reasons to Hate Bethenny Frankel I guess.

Don’t ya worry, I will be recapping should of been named All about Bethenny!


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Thanks Melissa! I changed your title, Changed the B word to Bethenny.

It’s no secret this blog isn’t a Bethenny friendly blog, but let’s not title posts that way.




The, ANNOYING, selfish, self-serving, narcissistic, money hungry, fame whore  anorexic Bethenny Frankel Hoppy had her assistant blog it  reported it on her  money maker website, while talking about her self said:

” The queen of too much information is coming to DAYTIME!”

For more read her site http://www.bethenny.com/post/my-new-talk-show

The queen of what? To much information? I hope that is a joke meaning she gives out too much information about her sex life. Every thing she is selling, is from some one who died or someone who she ripped off after they gave her the idea.

For Bethenny to be making millions on selling people on the word
“skinny” is like someone who was born with straight teeth making millions by endorsing a company that makes braces. It’s in her got damn genes. How stupid are you guys to think this woman is going to make you skinny?

Look at her mother for crying out loud.

Sorry, it’s the only one I could find. I am sure there is more pictures out there of Ms. Bernadette.

Bethenny freaks fans, calm down, Bethenny isn’t going to change your life if your fat, look at her #1 fan next door in Chicago, she hasn’t lost anything. Her “skinny”  drinks have the same crap soda has, her recipes can be found by other chef’s (websites) that she hi-jacked. Yes, I said it, what? Do you think Bethenny really created the skinny girl Margarita? Hell no, Atkins came out with that long ago, only difference is they tell you can add  sweetener or sugar, it’s optional. Only thing Bethenny did was call it a  “Skinny Girl” drink.

Poor Bethenny freaks fans,  this is what you call your Role Model:

You know what I call you?


Don’t think I didn’t hear the gross, TMI comment about Jason having cob webs on his penis.  I am to tired (of her)  to address it, but I will say Bethenny has no respect for Jason. Sure, it’s nice to be blunt, but Bethenny is  a selfish disrespectful, lying, conniving, money grubbing hungry fame whore.

Why on earth does she need to be on Day Time T.V.? Is this what is in replace of our soaps that have been on for more than 40 years?  She made millions, why not STAY HOME, RAISE YOUR KID THAT YOU CRIED FOR YEARS YOU COULDN’T HAVE  and stay the hell off our televisions. She can’t pull the “I have to make sure my kid is taken care of”  card like Paula Deen did with her latest stunt.  If Bethenny pulls that card, someone needs to slap her and pull the plug.

Can you tell I hate Bethenny? I can’t beat around the bush like Mandy does and say, “oh it’s her behavior I HATE”

I HATE THE BITCH, PERIOD!  Bethenny that is of course.

I gave the site a boob job for Mandy as a wedding gift. Let me know what you think.

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IHBF: We’re almost ready to move..

Just letting you know that I am working on the new site. Will be back to posting more. It’s been a challenge with things behind the scenes.

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IHBF: Off topic! Lets take some polls please, thanks in advance!

Off topic, I am asking everyone to do answer the polls for me. I am testing something out and beg you to answer my lame poll question. Thanks in advance.




Anyone know the laws or rental agreements in New York when it comes to filming in the city or apartment buildings? Do they have to give the property owner a fee?

I do know you have to pay a special tax for anyone who films in New York. Most cities are like that.

Anyone remember the show that Britney (spelled Brittny) Brittny Gastineau and her mother starred in on VH-1 and they were evicted for filming in the apartment building they lived in? They were told they couldn’t and still did any ways. Anyone remember that show?  What was the name of it? You get where I am taking this right?  I have the post done but want to get my re-search facts and laws straight for Mrs Bethenny Frankel Hoppy
Bethenny so deserves a last name like, “HOPPY” Bethenny Hoppy, spill in aisle 12. I wish reporters would start calling her Mrs. Hoppy that would piss Bethenny off.

Thanks for participating in the polls, you rock.

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IHBF: New Post for comments.

Sorry, things behind the scenes here at ihatebethennyfrankel is a cluster fudge of a mess. We may be taking a move tomorrow until Word Press can answer my help e-mails. The side bar isn’t showing, the time still isn’t fixed on the comments, the page add on’s aren’t there anymore just to name a few of 20 things that gone awry. Enjoy your selves, for the new people, your comments aren’t getting held purposely, you can thank Sparrow for that! Just read the previous post.
To Sparrow,
You know who I am referring to when I say Sparrow, YOU, I can’t give your exact email or ID out. What is it with you and the word c*nt? Do you kiss your loved ones with that foul filthy mouth of yours? Angry because I don’t let punks like your self post on here because you threaten and talk about innocent children? I passed on your other comments, don’t worry, I am not ignoring you. Yes, Cutie Pie and Silly Pretty post here as much as they want. Problem? What a shame you didn’t learn your lesson. You are digging your self a bigger hole Sparrow. I am glad you think this is a joke Sparrow.

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IHBF: Comments on Baby Sit Mode.

I am sure some of you noticed when new people have tried to comment,  their comments have not been posted immediately and there is a reason for that.

About a week ago, I can’t give you the exact date, I could, but I can’t, I received some interesting comments and by the luck of god, they went to the SPAM folder and didn’t post. For some reason this person took her anger out here on Angel from the Jewish Journal.

Before I go on any further, I want to make it clear that I am not bragging, unfortunately people do not have common sense and like to test boundaries, so I need to set some and let people know, yes, if you come here and threaten me or another blogger or anyone else for that matter and talk about an innocent child, there will be consequences.  It’s a shame it came to this, but people think they have the right to take matters in their own hands.

With out getting in to the details of the comments, I can say the comments contained threats, yes threats, like I’m going to find you and F you up and kill you type of threats, they targeted Angel’s child and laughed at her personal stories that she shared on her blog, called her and my self a few choice names. The comments were more directed at Angel than my self, why this person underestimated me to use this place to flex what an asshole she was how tough she thought she was, I know that person is regretting it now.
I don’t care about the names that I was called and Angel doesn’t either, my goodness, stick and stones may break my bones but your names you call me will not hurt me.  It took a real bitch tough girl to attack an innocent child and make threats that she was going to harm a blogger for what? Because we called Lynn Hudson out? Really?  I wonder, was it really worth it after all for her?

I know that Lynn does not, let me say this carefully, tell her commenter’s to please not post on other blogs on her behalf and stick up for her, because I saw someone tell her a comment they posted here and she thanked them. Problem was,  the comment don’t exist, what was written and copied here wasn’t offensive and would of been happy to post, but the comment was never made.  However,  I can say I know Lynn would not want anyone to go to other blogs and make threats or talk about their or anyone’s children.

When I received the comments, I contacted WP, after they got back to me, I did what I was told, then I contacted Angel and she sent it to her legal team that she has warned before, she has at her disposal.  It’s been taken care of as of this morning. I can report that law enforcement is involved and I will say no more at this point. If you haven’t seen someone comment in a while at your  favorite site, you know why she has not been around. This is why I had to hold off on posting this until today. Understand? You do.

I want to tell everyone out there,  using the internet to make threats or making threats through the internet,  see Cyber Harrassment Laws  (yes harassment, when you continuously make threat after threat it’s harassment at that point also)  is against the law. Don’t think using a web mask will protect you, law enforcement will find you. Not only that, I will not tolerate it here.  To add insult to injury, the person went and said something about an innocent child. What a bitch tough girl, I bet she thought she was on top of the world. No, I am not talking about someone disagreeing with me and calling me a Bitch. Nothing like that. Making threats. I take those seriously because why go out your way to mask your self and use 4 different location addresses.

Thankfully my comments  were on baby sit mode, because I started to get some comments with personal information of Lynn’s.  Example of one type ; similar to white page listings with her name, age, D.O.B. home number, who knows if it was the right one, it wasn’t under “Lynn” for her first name, I will say no more about the details, but it doesn’t matter, it’s the principal, it could be her information and if  wasn’t,  some fruit loop may think it is and call an innocent person up and harass her.  Yes, I do have a problem with Lynn, BUT I will not post anyone’s personal information or allow anyone to post anyone’s personal information here.  I don’t care if it’s public record, if that is what tickles your fancy, this is not the place to do it at, besides what the hell is the matter with you to want to post someone’s business like that?  No, I am NOT saying this so Lynn will thank me, so don’t go there. If you don’t get why I am saying this, then that is your problem, not mine.

I do not care if other bloggers encourage people to send sympathy cards to housewives,  stand in front of a housewife’s family business and take a picture then post it after they bitch how much they hate that house wife, have someone take a picture of a housewife’s building they live in then post it even if it’s;  i.e the wrong building or the one next to it, the photo was taken down due to complaints, if the listing was in the N.Y. Times Real Estate Page.  I DO NOT CARE, I will not let you or anyone one else post personal someone’s private information such as; i.e a blogger, commenter, or housewife (‘s) home address, phone number, the person’s legal name if not already not known. I can not say this enough. I don’t care that you care that I already said it, I will say it again.

I also ask that no one EVER go to a blog and harass someone on my behalf, I can speak for my self. I have my own format where I can voice my my opinions or concerns.  I highly suggest other people get their format if they don’t like what people blog about or think it’s their place to tell people what they should be talking about on their site in the comment section. Don’t like it? Don’t read, leave the people who like it alone.

For those of you who think that I have you blocked, that is not true.  I have my comments on baby sit mode because I don’t’ have the time to baby  24/7.  I have the comments set at; the person must have the previous submitted comment approved. Some times, when a person is approved, they do end up in Spam, I don’t know if it’s because of a filter or what, I will find out. I am not saying that everyone is like the assholes who left the offending comments, then again, you never know because I never would of thought that a certain person would leave such comments because she was here before. Anyone can put, “I love this site” then I approve, next thing you know they are posting things that they shouldn’t be. I do not ask my guests to police my blog or have any self appointed junior administrators either.  I don’t mind debating with people, as long as there is no name calling and it’s respectful. I know how it feels to go to a blog and try to make a valid point with out being a bitch and still get shut down, I get it, but I am not going to let people walk all over me either.

I did post the comments that were in Spam that I was not aware of, but for someone to say yesterday that they tried to post here all day and I didn’t post their comments is not true. Yes, there was a couple comments I replied to with out posting the comment. I didn’t post it because the person was hostile and I didn’t know how far they would go with the next comment, I didn’t have time to babysit that night because I was working.  For those who want to say well look at the people who post here, look what they say. Yes, look at them people who post here, they are not posting anyone’s private information or threatening me or another blogger physical harm for talking about their favorite blogger or talking about someone’s innocent child. No, I am not blaming Lynn for this. Even if Lynn did ask people to do this, which I am pretty confident she would never ask anyone to threaten anyone, that person should no better, no excuse. Everyone is responsible for their own actions.  If I or someone else on another site pisses you off, go to another blog then. I am not begging anyone to come here, I don’t want people to come here if they hate it.

In case you have me confused with someone else;                                                       I am not here to get fame or get upset because a housewife didn’t notice me at an event. In other words, my ego is set aside.                                                                I am not here to run a social club                                                                                    I am not here in hopes a career will happen for me from blogging, I think I’m on the wrong track, starting with the URL and title. I can go on, but in case anyone forgot, the reason I have this blog is to vent my frustration about Bethenny Frankel, unfortunately,  it has been about Lynn Hudson lately.

Some of you may think I’m a total bitch, and this post is bitchy. You know what, when some one flex’s their internet muscles like they did and talks about an innocent child it never makes anyone happy except the people who get thrilled by doing  it because they wouldn’t of done it in the first place. I hope they like bologna sandwiches, I hear that’s on their menu tonight.

I do thank the people who do stop by and read here, I am not going to say that I don’t appreciate that people actually read what I write because I do, I am simply saying, I will kiss no one’s ass and I don’t expect anyone to kiss mine either. However, I do expect you to act like an adult and not get your self in trouble and make threats and target innocent children, there are consequences, don’t underestimate people. For those of you who think I’m just saying this, I will never say, “do it” or “try me”. I will say to you by warning you,  if you do,  I will take them personally and have it taken care of it like this incident was.  I have no tolerance for that behavior, besides how old are you, (??) running around threatening people because you don’t like a blog or someone talked about your favorite blogger? Grow up.

Have a wonderful weekend, I am almost done with my Bethenny posts.

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All Bloggers Be Aware, Commenter with I.P. Starting with 75 ending with 7 is using my I.D. to comment on other boards. IT IS CHERRY POPSICLE commenting as “mandy is a foul douchenozzle” On my blog using the email address jessecornishisadouchebag@gmail.com

She is accusing me of altering her comment.


You left threatening messages last week because your comments were they Spammed, I made sure they were posted, What is your problem? You wanted everyone to see them, I complied.  You said in your one comment, “That’s okay everyone saw”

Now, you left me this one plus one in the comment section of this page?

Submitted on 2011/11/21 at 10:41 pm | In reply to wehatebethenny.

With respect to the reasoned critique of Cheery Popsicle, he or she is but one of many who have mastered the art of subject-verb agreement. Given your antipathy toward scholarship and intellect, I’m left to conclude that you’re an admirer of Sarah Palin. And really, I should have known by the stench; after all, your mangy little corner of the internet has that distinct wiff of trailer and methamphetamine (aka: L’eau de Walmart). Keep it classy.

 I actually admire Michelle Obama Thank You! Keep it up, I know you’re on my site right now, if you want, we can play this game, but you might get your feelings hurt. Stop harassing me. I posted your comments that you wanted posted. What more do you want? Go away, you are a disturbed person that is in need of psychiatric help STAT.

On October 18 th a commenter who calls his or her self Twinkle Toes left me this comment.  This commenter has left comments like his on other blogs, instead of calling this person out, I just replied and let it go.

20 Days later CHERRY POPSICLE leaves me this comment. FYI, CHERRY POPSICLE your comment did post, for you to say “you don’t have to post this comment” you knew it had posted. (you guys will see why in a minute)  Cherry Popsicle (grammar lesson,  you should have your name in two words in stead of one BECAUSE Cherrypopsicle technically isn’t a word or name) then goes on to say that my comment was immature to Twinkle. I read Cherry Popsicle comment then..

I see this one in the SPAM box. Below, I copied and pasted the comment below the screen shot in case you can’t read it.

“Do you think she read my blog and had one of her temper tantrums and screamed at everyone because she got BUSTED for following a hate blogger? Seems like a coincidence to me. ”

It is a coincidence. I posted a comment about Bethenny following Lynn Hudson and her not following Andy Cohen months ago on RT. I got my information from various sources in July, 2011:



These are just two sources, but here is the phrase used often in stories in July, 2011:

“Of the eleven people Bethenny follows on twitter, yes just eleven, the founder of the site is one,” a Bravo source tells me. “Bethenny doesn’t support or follow anyone from Bravo, not even Andy Cohen, who cast her and made her rich and famous, yet she does follow a person who spills hate.”

You can google it and try to find the source of the comment.

Also, BB Endeavors, LLC holds all of Bethenyy’s trademarks. You may want to familiarize yourself with these:


(You can click on each of the trademarks listed to get more information.)

Not much else is available on BB Endeavors, LLC–probably because that is about all that is going on–not much!

This is Bethenny’s Linkedin Profile. Notice she appears to be claiming to be a graduate of NYU. Not so according to many who have contacted NYU:


Keep an eye on any news breaking from Jim Beam, as these rumors appear to continue for over 6 months now:


Would not make much sense for another company to purchase Skinnygirl in a deal with Beam with all the litigation and bad press about Bethenny and her lies recently–not to mention her tweets about how “people are idiots”.


I replied;

Cherry Popsicle.

I am not interested in your English Lessons.
I am not illiterate. I don’t need to explain to anyone why or
how my posts are done. Wait, should I have said prepared?
I do this blog to vent my frustrations.
I am not looking for a following like another blogger is, I have a life.
I am not a journalist, just a blogger with a kick ass group that comments here
and agrees with me 95 % of the time.

I don’t take it serious and you shouldn’t either. If it bothers you that much
then don’t read my blog then, it’s simple.
I break my paragraphs up for a reason. If you feel things should be done
a certain way then open your own blog.
Have a nice day!

I replaced the comment it’s self letting CHERRY POPSICLE  know that I removed her comment. Yes, I did take it down because it was ridiculous. This blog isn’t about me, it’s about Bethenny and Lynn.  Guess what CHERRY POPSICLE , it’s my blog, if I want to take comments down, I will. Everyone read my blog WHERE I EXPLAINED MY PARAGRAPHS ARE SCATTERED. YES I LET YOU ALL KNOW AFTER THE FACT BECAUSE OF THIS COMMENTER.


Yesterday, I go in my spam folder, I had 13 SPAM comments. 3 of them were from the one and only, “CHERRY POPSICLE” How did I miss more comments from CHERRY POPSICLE LOL. The other 10 were ones that word press also detected, they were advertisements.
In case you can’t see it, it says;
This is not true.

You deleted my comment from this thread, without leaving a trace. Don’t worry enough peeps saw it and I screen saved it.

You are no different than Lynn.

2 other ones

In case you can’t see them;
I was instructed by wordpress to ask you to remove this message.

If you don’t asap, then a very lengthy and detailed complaint will be filed for abuse with wordpress.

Go ahead and ask your future father in law, the attorney. Oh wait, first he would have to read what his future daughter in law wrote. I’m sure he will be pleased with his future daughter in law’s command of the English language that he will probably tell all his friends and colleagues to check out this awesome blog!


If you don’t take this seriously, why do you waste your time.

I told you in my comment that you did not need to post my comment.

Your comment to me and the comment you made using my s/n is ridiculous. I will make a complaint to word press.
You are functionally illiterate.


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IHBF: All about blogs and boobs. Do you want to help?

Do you have a favorite blog, your own blog or a blog to recommend so we can start a blog roll? Blog blog blog
If so, please reply in the comment section. While your at it, let me know if you would like to contributor to IHBF for my wedding gift. That is my polite way saying I can’t pay you, lol you don’t have to get me a gift.
If you haven’t already Check out our Lynn page, it’s going to be an ongoing process. Lynn likes the spot light, she can have a page here.
I am working on some Bethenny news, better late than never. Them law suits aren’t going away. I’m trying to get some more posts out, I’m in bed doing this short one.
Guess you know why, “boobs” is in the title right?
You guys are the best.

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