IHBF: Comments on Baby Sit Mode.

I am sure some of you noticed when new people have tried to comment,  their comments have not been posted immediately and there is a reason for that.

About a week ago, I can’t give you the exact date, I could, but I can’t, I received some interesting comments and by the luck of god, they went to the SPAM folder and didn’t post. For some reason this person took her anger out here on Angel from the Jewish Journal.

Before I go on any further, I want to make it clear that I am not bragging, unfortunately people do not have common sense and like to test boundaries, so I need to set some and let people know, yes, if you come here and threaten me or another blogger or anyone else for that matter and talk about an innocent child, there will be consequences.  It’s a shame it came to this, but people think they have the right to take matters in their own hands.

With out getting in to the details of the comments, I can say the comments contained threats, yes threats, like I’m going to find you and F you up and kill you type of threats, they targeted Angel’s child and laughed at her personal stories that she shared on her blog, called her and my self a few choice names. The comments were more directed at Angel than my self, why this person underestimated me to use this place to flex what an asshole she was how tough she thought she was, I know that person is regretting it now.
I don’t care about the names that I was called and Angel doesn’t either, my goodness, stick and stones may break my bones but your names you call me will not hurt me.  It took a real bitch tough girl to attack an innocent child and make threats that she was going to harm a blogger for what? Because we called Lynn Hudson out? Really?  I wonder, was it really worth it after all for her?

I know that Lynn does not, let me say this carefully, tell her commenter’s to please not post on other blogs on her behalf and stick up for her, because I saw someone tell her a comment they posted here and she thanked them. Problem was,  the comment don’t exist, what was written and copied here wasn’t offensive and would of been happy to post, but the comment was never made.  However,  I can say I know Lynn would not want anyone to go to other blogs and make threats or talk about their or anyone’s children.

When I received the comments, I contacted WP, after they got back to me, I did what I was told, then I contacted Angel and she sent it to her legal team that she has warned before, she has at her disposal.  It’s been taken care of as of this morning. I can report that law enforcement is involved and I will say no more at this point. If you haven’t seen someone comment in a while at your  favorite site, you know why she has not been around. This is why I had to hold off on posting this until today. Understand? You do.

I want to tell everyone out there,  using the internet to make threats or making threats through the internet,  see Cyber Harrassment Laws  (yes harassment, when you continuously make threat after threat it’s harassment at that point also)  is against the law. Don’t think using a web mask will protect you, law enforcement will find you. Not only that, I will not tolerate it here.  To add insult to injury, the person went and said something about an innocent child. What a bitch tough girl, I bet she thought she was on top of the world. No, I am not talking about someone disagreeing with me and calling me a Bitch. Nothing like that. Making threats. I take those seriously because why go out your way to mask your self and use 4 different location addresses.

Thankfully my comments  were on baby sit mode, because I started to get some comments with personal information of Lynn’s.  Example of one type ; similar to white page listings with her name, age, D.O.B. home number, who knows if it was the right one, it wasn’t under “Lynn” for her first name, I will say no more about the details, but it doesn’t matter, it’s the principal, it could be her information and if  wasn’t,  some fruit loop may think it is and call an innocent person up and harass her.  Yes, I do have a problem with Lynn, BUT I will not post anyone’s personal information or allow anyone to post anyone’s personal information here.  I don’t care if it’s public record, if that is what tickles your fancy, this is not the place to do it at, besides what the hell is the matter with you to want to post someone’s business like that?  No, I am NOT saying this so Lynn will thank me, so don’t go there. If you don’t get why I am saying this, then that is your problem, not mine.

I do not care if other bloggers encourage people to send sympathy cards to housewives,  stand in front of a housewife’s family business and take a picture then post it after they bitch how much they hate that house wife, have someone take a picture of a housewife’s building they live in then post it even if it’s;  i.e the wrong building or the one next to it, the photo was taken down due to complaints, if the listing was in the N.Y. Times Real Estate Page.  I DO NOT CARE, I will not let you or anyone one else post personal someone’s private information such as; i.e a blogger, commenter, or housewife (‘s) home address, phone number, the person’s legal name if not already not known. I can not say this enough. I don’t care that you care that I already said it, I will say it again.

I also ask that no one EVER go to a blog and harass someone on my behalf, I can speak for my self. I have my own format where I can voice my my opinions or concerns.  I highly suggest other people get their format if they don’t like what people blog about or think it’s their place to tell people what they should be talking about on their site in the comment section. Don’t like it? Don’t read, leave the people who like it alone.

For those of you who think that I have you blocked, that is not true.  I have my comments on baby sit mode because I don’t’ have the time to baby  24/7.  I have the comments set at; the person must have the previous submitted comment approved. Some times, when a person is approved, they do end up in Spam, I don’t know if it’s because of a filter or what, I will find out. I am not saying that everyone is like the assholes who left the offending comments, then again, you never know because I never would of thought that a certain person would leave such comments because she was here before. Anyone can put, “I love this site” then I approve, next thing you know they are posting things that they shouldn’t be. I do not ask my guests to police my blog or have any self appointed junior administrators either.  I don’t mind debating with people, as long as there is no name calling and it’s respectful. I know how it feels to go to a blog and try to make a valid point with out being a bitch and still get shut down, I get it, but I am not going to let people walk all over me either.

I did post the comments that were in Spam that I was not aware of, but for someone to say yesterday that they tried to post here all day and I didn’t post their comments is not true. Yes, there was a couple comments I replied to with out posting the comment. I didn’t post it because the person was hostile and I didn’t know how far they would go with the next comment, I didn’t have time to babysit that night because I was working.  For those who want to say well look at the people who post here, look what they say. Yes, look at them people who post here, they are not posting anyone’s private information or threatening me or another blogger physical harm for talking about their favorite blogger or talking about someone’s innocent child. No, I am not blaming Lynn for this. Even if Lynn did ask people to do this, which I am pretty confident she would never ask anyone to threaten anyone, that person should no better, no excuse. Everyone is responsible for their own actions.  If I or someone else on another site pisses you off, go to another blog then. I am not begging anyone to come here, I don’t want people to come here if they hate it.

In case you have me confused with someone else;                                                       I am not here to get fame or get upset because a housewife didn’t notice me at an event. In other words, my ego is set aside.                                                                I am not here to run a social club                                                                                    I am not here in hopes a career will happen for me from blogging, I think I’m on the wrong track, starting with the URL and title. I can go on, but in case anyone forgot, the reason I have this blog is to vent my frustration about Bethenny Frankel, unfortunately,  it has been about Lynn Hudson lately.

Some of you may think I’m a total bitch, and this post is bitchy. You know what, when some one flex’s their internet muscles like they did and talks about an innocent child it never makes anyone happy except the people who get thrilled by doing  it because they wouldn’t of done it in the first place. I hope they like bologna sandwiches, I hear that’s on their menu tonight.

I do thank the people who do stop by and read here, I am not going to say that I don’t appreciate that people actually read what I write because I do, I am simply saying, I will kiss no one’s ass and I don’t expect anyone to kiss mine either. However, I do expect you to act like an adult and not get your self in trouble and make threats and target innocent children, there are consequences, don’t underestimate people. For those of you who think I’m just saying this, I will never say, “do it” or “try me”. I will say to you by warning you,  if you do,  I will take them personally and have it taken care of it like this incident was.  I have no tolerance for that behavior, besides how old are you, (??) running around threatening people because you don’t like a blog or someone talked about your favorite blogger? Grow up.

Have a wonderful weekend, I am almost done with my Bethenny posts.

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343 Responses to IHBF: Comments on Baby Sit Mode.

  1. cutie pie says:

    GREAT blog…I am so happy that Ilana and her team of attorney’s will be taking this person to task.

    Another blogger has quit blogging and shut down her comments section siting Lynn Hudson “and” her crew as the reason.

    YET ANOTHER BLOG LABELS LYNN HUDSON TOXIC http://www.realfansclub.com/members/realfans/blog/VIEW/00000012/00000209/Real-Fans-Club-Goodbye.html

    It boggles my mind that in one week, three different bloggers wrote exposes on Porker …I have a twitter account and three gossip sites follow me…I will not post the DM’s I have received from other well known bloggers who have notified me that they cannot stand LH but are afraid to post anything about her due to the ruthlessness of her motley crew.

    You, Ilana and Lucy have not only stood up to a bully, but you have all done so with your dignity and morality in tact. I salute you all.

    • silly pretty says:

      Cutie Pie, Here Here!!! This is the some of the best fun I have had on a website, as I have had to keep my mouth shut about ChinChinPorkChop. This can be the next season of Dr. Drew, he has to deprogram all the Lynminions.

    • Sounds to me like it’s more of her crew than her. But, if she would ask her crew to not do it, then they wouldn’t. I never want you guys to do something like that for me.

      • pork drippings leaves stains says:

        Never would Mandy. I love your blog and I may like to snark but that’s just taking it way too far. I hope the cops make sure whoever did that gets some mental help.

        • Rosie says:

          Can’t imagine anyone doing anything close to any of this… Isn’t that the real problem though?.. It’s what the flying monkeys do behind the curtain that is the worst part. I read Ilana’s article about someone making threats.. Now it makes sense. I would have some respect for the LH person, if she made a public appeal to her “family” to leave other bloggers alone, under the threat of being banned, but I doubt that will happen.

  2. cutie pie says:

    hi pretty..where is stains?…this is explosive stuff…three blogs in one week tagging Pork Butt as toxic..not only that, but the real fans club blog exposes the sicko’s that post on that site..lol..loooooove it.

  3. cutie pie says:

    pretty..if you tweet…tweet this to your followers and ask that they retweet…I’m getting quite a few responses…peeps cannot stand pork rind.

  4. SABLE says:

    Cutie pie, I read the link, how very sad. I agree wholeheartedly with the blogger Lucy. I will ask the same question, who will be next?

  5. cutie pie says:

    Good to see you Sable..This is so sad..really…what is it with these people that they cannot “see” what is so clear to others.

    I also have DM’s from regular posters on other blogs who won’t comment here for fear of being relentlessly attacked.

  6. Comment thread was cute down because they were posting in to long skinny comments. Is anyone having a problem with their reply button?

  7. cutie pie says:

    the reply button on your last blog did not work…

  8. Nancy says:

    Are you blaming Lynn for that blogger that wrote about a child?

  9. pork drippings leaves stains says:

    Wow Mandy that is some really scary s#*t. For once I am speechless. WTF? I thought this was supposed to be fun. I mean it’s one thing to goof on people but threaten them that’s just insane. I don’t like Lynn or Bethenney but I have no desire to see any harm come to them. They may suck but they are people. Holy cow. And then you get good old Nancy trying to act like you are blaming Lynn. Maybe she can’t read more than three sentences at a time. Be safe Mandy some of HER fans are really twisted.

  10. I'm so scared of Lynn's trolls! says:

    Is Nancy a troll? Or is she Lynn? Why does she continuously come over to IHBF, and try to create trouble? Apparently, she disagrees with anything negative said about Lynn Hudson, so she is here to create controversy. Yeah, she is a troll, isn’t that what they call anyone on Lynn’s site that doesn’t agree? Oh, I know, she must be Bethenny! I wonder what Lynn thinks about Nancy reading your site daily Mandy. I’m sure she reports back to Lynn, and copies and paste everything said negative about Lynn. Nancy, Lynn has made alot of enemies, hope your spying doesn’t wear you out!

  11. cutie pie says:

    hmmm..Ilana is having this looked over by her attorneys..good for her..

    • pork drippings leaves stains says:

      It would be great if they could actually do something. Lynn hates Jill and harasses her because she wrote a fake review of her book. OOOOHHH. That is so much worse than cyber-stalking someone and founding a cult that attacks anyone who doesn’t agree with their leader of the pork.

  12. pork drippings leaves stains says:

    Nancy please try reading and comprehending before you reply. I did NOT call you unbalanced I said that you were starting to come off that way. And you really are. It’s a screen name on a blog. Get a grip.

  13. pork drippings leaves stains says:

    Nancy I have a serious question for you. Why do you keep coming here and what are you hoping to accomplish?

  14. cutie pie says:

    nancy just rested a case…what is she talking about?

  15. I'm so scared of Lynn's trolls! says:

    Ladies, who creates a “hate” blog, then goes and takes a picture in front of the person’s business that they hate so much? Isn’t that stalkerish? It is not a coincidence that they are standing outside posing. Why in the world would you do that? For what reason?

    • cutie pie is funny says:

      That was when Lynn went to NYC, check out her, “My trip to NYC Page”. WSL took Lynn in, hit her with a bar of soap and got her hair done at Super Cuts. You can see Lynn still has the same style from the night before ewee that means she didn’t change her underwears.
      That kid Michael who is ruining his career by posting on Lynn’s site, check out this excerpt from his page about Joy B. from The View. Lol he is 19
      “I often speak about Wendy Williams being one of my primary idols and a mentor in my head, however, it was Joy Behar who started it all for me. Just before my fifth birthday I was watching one of the first episodes of ABC’ s,“The View,” when I saw Joy hilariously voice her opinions with no inhibition in sight. She openly disagreed with a guest and was completely comfortable telling it just as she saw it, this was an “aha moment” for me. It was then that I knew I wanted nothing more then to become a talk show host one day; obviously I had no clue it was called a talk show as I was four years old.”

      • cutie pie says:

        I know..the pork is using this kid up..she won’t even post his blog on the right side of her page…no one posts their headers but pork…

        Feel sorry for the kid…he writes and writes and writes and says nothing.

        • pork drippings leaves stains says:

          I give him three months before he’s telling his own sad story about how triple chins carolyn chewed him up and then spit him out. What’s crazy is how the Lynndavidians cling to the idea that she’s so great. It’s just nutty. All these bloggers and former commentors are lying about Lynn. Lynn is the only one who is telling the truth. Everybody is just jealous of Lynn. Yeah I’m sure Mandy wishes she had more than one chin and smelled like the grease on the bottom of a fast food bag.

          • Nancy says:

            What are you guys doing for the holiday’s?

            • cutie pie says:

              why don’t you round up a few more little chins and come back and play.. preferably some who have an opinion and something to offer and don’t ask alot on inane questions.

              • pork drippings leaves stains says:

                Hey Cutie what’s your sign? Do you like the color red? What was your third grade teacher’s name? Do I win the contest for asking the most irrelevant questions in one night or is Nancy still the winner?

              • Nancy says:

                Good question. Am I the winner?

          • cutie pie is funny says:

            I thought the same thing. Plus the chin thing lol. I know, it’s like everyone is wrong but Lynn is right. Why would people make this stuff up. I love you Mandy for making this site. We promise to be good. 🙂

  16. cutie pie says:

    nance is the winner..but personally stains..I think we’re being joshed…No one is this dense.

    • pork drippings leaves stains says:

      I don’t know Cutie she thinks old sweaty is a good writer so maybe she is that dense. I wonder if Porky is crapping out a whole mess of sausage links because one of her idiot posters might end up getting her in some sort of trouble. Guarantee you leader of the pork is wishing she could delete comments off of other people’s blogs. Then she could say Mandy is lying about the threats because she’s just jealous.

      • cutie pie says:

        I know…everyone lies but pork chop. It’s sad really.

        By nancy joshing us..I mean she’s just too obtuse to be who she states she is. She has an RN license???

        Don’t buy it. Like everyone else on Pork Butts site, she is an expert in all areas…and people with even a little wealth just don’t speak of it..it’s declasse.

        This nut job sounds more like a tanya harding type to me…some redneck backwoods type.

        • pork drippings leaves stains says:

          Cutie you are definitely right about the money. I don’t know I still think Nancy is deficient in the I.Q. department. I think we can both agree her love of all things hateful and obsessed has caused her to sound a little irrational. I think you’re right about it being KLMH. I wonder how long it took jelly jowls to throw her under the bus.

      • Nancy says:

        Have a nice weekend ladies.

  17. I'm so scared of Lynn's trolls! says:

    Nancy, you have to ask yourself, why is everyone afraid? Why are there people who are too scared to speak up? God forbid, you have an DWI or wrote a bad check years ago, and it is on your criminal record. Anyone can do a criminal check these days, or contact your ex-husband, and stand outside your business and take pictures of themself standing outside your business then post them on the internet. Question is, who would want too? What motive would this person have? To embarrass? Revenge? Or just a busybody?

    • cutie pie says:

      Do you know how many of the little chins wrote to the New Jersey bk court with info regarding the giudices??? The repeatedly posted the names, email addresses and phone numbers of the trustees in charge of overseeing the guidice’s bk.

      Who does that?

      ..and they have no shame?

      • pork drippings leaves stains says:

        That’s the really messed up part. They seem to think it’s normal. Notice how ditzy didn’t try to disavow herself from a blog where Lynnie’s rabid little monkeys stalk people and threaten people. This is a woman who talks about finding guidance from above? She’s more full of it than Pork Chop is full of Mountain Dew and funnel cake.

    • pork drippings leaves stains says:

      Nancy only asks questions that don’t make sense So Scared. She doesn’t want to know the truth.

      • cutie pie says:

        just looked back..there was sus, klmh, kelly nola and nancy..none of them seemed the type to go all psycho…

        nancy…flatlined and doesn’t know it…there is something wrong with that one…

        • pork drippings leaves stains says:

          What about the one who said Mandy either needed to let her comment or take her name of this f*(%ing blog? That definitely came off as hostile to me. How ironic it is that someone utterly devoted to triple chins is going to be her undoing. How many keychains is tube sock gonna have to buy if pork chop ends up needing a lawyer?

          • cutie pie says:

            I don’t think tube sock has a kim kardashian to piss on…there is just so much that is not right there.

            Ilana tweeted me that she has her fingers crossed when I asked about how this was going forward..the threats are with her attorneys and officials are involved…

            Don’t know how one person’s criminality can have Pork’s site shut down..but I do wish it were so..in the very least, her dreams of fame should go up in smoke..

            • pork drippings leaves stains says:

              Best line of the night (KK to piss on)! I’m willing to bet there are some private e-mails between leader of the pork and her monkeys that might trace bad behavior back to her. I’m not sure how careful she is when directing her drooling posters to do her dirty work for her. Although she was the one who was behind that whole Jenn Sale thing and kept her filthy hooves looking clean.

              • cutie pie says:

                interesting…I didn’t think of that…I’d love to see a pc forensic expert pull triple chins hard drive…

      • silly pretty says:

        Nancy has alot of videos on youtube. My faves are after she got whacked, and carried on like a fool. They also have the video of Nancy being rude at Disney World. I thought it was suppose to be about the kids, not Nancy’s EGO! She didn’t win a medal, did she?

  18. pork drippings leaves stains says:

    I checked out LameNChicago and it seems like a couple regulars are missing. Wonder why. Jelly Jowls better lay off the ring dings because it sounds like she’s gonna have to eat some humble pie soon.

  19. Katie says:

    There was one named “Rhetorica” or something who posted on behalf of LH a few days ago.

    I think along with Nasty Nancy she is a regular at the IHJZ blog.

    LH seems to attract quite a few of her own kind.

    • cutie pie says:

      hi katie..but did any one of these seem like the type to go all postal???

      none of them struck me that way.

      • Katie says:

        Truthfully, no.

        But they seem to see themselves acting as “warriors” on behalf of LH which is troubling. They stalk other blogs and attack posters whose only intent is to state an opinion.

        My disgust is in what lays behind the scenes that we are essentially unaware of happening. For LH, or anyone spending that much time on Twitter and Facebook tracking down people for reasons that aren’t quite clear is indicative of an unhealthy mind, IMHO. But to threaten others because of a blog set up to discuss unreal t.v. programs goes way over the line.

        Most of those indulging in this behavior need a reality check themselves.

        • cutie pie says:

          Katie…you have bloggers that agree with you 100%…I know of at least one other blog that closed up shop because of the abuse heaped on her by chins and the chinettes.

          This is what is so mind boggling to most…They just cannot see their actions as perverse.

          • Katie says:

            I think some of these women – and I assume most of them are women – lead very lonely lives.

            How else to explain those who sit by a computer for hour upon hour discussing personal issue and considering themselves “family”.

            The exposure of LH and her behind the scenes machinations upsets that mindset. They take the criticisms personally because they honestly have come to identify themselves and their existence through that blog as a “family structure”. When the leader and matriarch is shown as “having no clothes” they react with a vengence that goes beyond the norm. They see “the family” as being under attack because they are unable to separate the agenda of the blog owner from what they have built as a “community”.

            What they see is their “community under attack” which raises the question of their own participation within that group which leads to the threats against those they have come to deem as the “enemy”.

            Most of us come to these sites merely looking to post an opinion. Unfortunately, others look to these sites looking for a “home”. That’s when it gets dicey.

            • cutie pie says:

              ita…and what is truly disturbing is that they do not recognize how they have voluntarily surrendered their identities just to be a part of a cyber “family”…it sickened me a little whenever I’d read…”lynn says – – – -“…”thank you lynn for providing our little family — for keeping us together”…omg..i get the creeps just writing this nonsense…

              anyway..sleep tightly all…

            • Jennifer says:

              I don’t have a dog in this fight, so I have no “side” to take. However, your description above sounds eerily like Charles Manson and his “family”.

              I will admit, I have loved reading all this back and forth arguing. But that stopped when the owner of this site posted this about the Jewish Journal’s blogger’s child being threatened. That is NOT cool to mess with someone’s kid. NOT cool at all. I will not be reading at LynnNChicago any longer. It’s no longer fun when someone drags a child into the mix.

            • I’m sorry, you lost me about the leader and matriarch having no clothes. I’m so confused by that statement.

              • Pat Johnson says:

                Remember the fairy tale about “The Emperor Has No Clothes”?

                His subjects just stood on the sidelines pretending they didn’t notice. Same thing on “that blog that shall go unnamed”.

                No matter how many times it is pointed out to them that their “leader” is running amok all over cyberspace they refuse to accept it.

              • pork drippings leaves stains says:

                In the story the “adults” were too afraid to point it out. Finally a little kid starts laughing saying the emperor has no clothes on. It’s really a statement about cult mentality. You know like certain blogs where people agree with the writer no matter what. I’ve realized Pork Chops blog sounds a lot like Scientology.

              • Nancy says:

                You don’t like Scientology?

        • pork drippings leaves stains says:

          Amen Katie.

  20. Rory P. Bellows says:

    you didn’t post a single comment i made. but thats okay i know you didn’t want things to ‘get out of hand’ fair enough i was responding to YOUR posters commenting on me. i wasn’t allowed to respond in kind. now lets really be fair. i have RARELY seen your posters be the topic of conversation on LH’s blog but its all the cats and jammer kids over here can discuss. you don’t like lynn or her blog thats okay but i assure you ALL the things you claim to abhore lynn and her posters for is alive and well over here. your posters aren’t clever or even witty just trying to out mean girl each other with bitchy comments. IF a poster tried to embarass or do harm to ilana you were right to do what you did. i break stones but would never go after somebodys kid. BUT if you regularly read ilanas blog shes aid some pretty disparaging things about BRYN that child is an infant! on lynns blog I ALWAYS go after those who go after these peoples kids. its stupid and just wrong……….

    that being said i ask but one thing TRY to keep my name off your blog and i won’t bother you in any way since you won’t let me retort to your posters….Best of the Holiday Season to you and yours!

  21. Dame Rhetorica says:

    I hope I’m not blocked. I’m not sure if anyone’s on now because the time is GMT. Any way, whoever threatened a child should be outed!! IMHO

  22. Dame Rhetorica says:

    Mandy, (right?) I’m not sure why I’mm blocked. I tried to talk one day to silly pretty & said absolutely nothing mean. Please tell me if the time on your site is Greenwich Mean Time or another time zone so I know when to post if you ever let me. Just cause I’m a regular @ Lynn”s doesn’t mean I should automatically be blocked.

    • Dame Rhetorica says:


    • I don’t have a problem if you post, but your last comments had cursing in them and you were rude to me. I have to have comments on Baby Site mode for a reason, it’s not fun but people have to take things to a level where it shouldn’t go. I am working on the time for the comments. I have it set for central, but it’s obviously not Central Time. I put a request in to Word Press.

      • Dame Rhetorica says:

        Well if I cursed, i hope i used symbols in the words; I try to. I wont start trouble & I’ll leave if attacked.

  23. I'm so scared of Lynn's trolls! says:

    I can see it now…

    Entertainment Tonite Exclusive!!!
    Alleged former Olympic skater Nancy Kerrigan spends her days in the notorious “hate” blogger site of LynnNChicago. We contacted the blogger, and she gave us an exclusive interview.
    Lynn would really be famous then. A national televised show! It doesn’t matter who you throw under the bus, just ask Bethenny, it’s all about business!

    Notice I said alleged, I don’t believe for a minute this “Nancy” is the famous Nancy Kerrigan.
    Yep, and did I mention, I’m really Janet Jackson. I have nothing better to do in my life, than to sit on the computer pretending to be famous.

  24. LillyWhite says:

    Nancy said she wished she had a brother at LH’s blog.Well,Nancy Kerrigan does have a brother.Remember he got 21/2 yrs for assaulting their father?

  25. Lilac A. Rug says:

    You guys are hilarious. I hope this site catches on because it’s great.

  26. I'm so scared of Lynn's trolls! says:

    Holding my head in shame. I must confess, I am not Janet Jackson.

    Nancy, I apologize…I don’t know you, nor do I want to continue to bash on anyone. It doesn’t matter who you are, I was being mean-spirited because I could not understand why you continuously came to this site to cause controversy. For all I know, you are questioning the IHJZ site, and your loyalties there. Maybe your here for answers. Who knows?

    I really don’t dislike anyone. Jill, Bethenny, and the rest of the HW’s are just entertainement to me, when the TV gets shut off, so do they. Well, with one exception, Caroline Manzo…I detest this woman.

    Anyways, I don’t even dislike Lynn, but I think she is dangerous and careless with her words. I am not in this fight, nor do I want to get involved. I am just a reader that has been fascinated with the blogger war. I read all of them, and from my observations, there seems to be a common theme.

    Why are so many bloggers upset?


    Seems like each and every blogger above has had a disagreement with Lynn. Ask yourself…why?

    I’m so done with all this drama, and I am ashamed of my own behavior. I’ll keep reading, but I will no longer comment. Peace…

  27. Dame Rhetorica says:

    If anyone’s in, tell me or direct me to the threat of the child. I read what was posted here. I’ll check back; football playoffs are on.

  28. Skeered of Lynnions says:

    Swell site. I would rather hear about Bethenny, but admire your bravery. I am on twitter and dont dare use my username in fear of retaliation.
    Last year a person with the name @jzandlynnsuck came to twitter and targeted Lynn. She seemed upset about Lynn asking $50 for keychains. I’m sure Lynn knows how Dina feels now when she was demanding to know where the charity money was going because you dont see her answering where the money went what she collected for the keychains to have a free podcast. I bet it went for a new computer.
    This jz person really angered lots of people, afterall she would say things like Lynn does to Jill, some times even more harsher. I was secretly in love with person because she said everything I always wanted to say.
    Poor squirrells got accused of being this person and that is what stopped me from befriended this person. Lynn swore it was her because she didn’t allow her to guest blog. Silly I know.
    Jz changed her name to @lynnschinsllc anyone who followed her would be blocked from Lynn. Yes, like Lynn complains how Jill blocks anyone who follows her. As time went on people started to see how Lynn really was, you know, your posts about Stoopid Housewives and TvTime. Lynnschinsllc changed her name to @vodka4dummies still to this day Lynn has not said sorry to squirrell. To this day, over over 70 percent of people who supported Lynn follow this formerly jz, Lynnschinsllc who is now vodka4dummies. They started to follow her the past few months. Some still follow Lynn also but are making a statement letting her know they can’t control who they follow and Lynn isn’t who she tries to make us think she is. Squirrel I’m sorry Lynn never said sorry and had them attacks done to you. Yes, Lynn did send people after squirrel.

  29. pork drippings leaves stains says:

    Dame Rhetorica – why are you here looking for the person who threatened Ilana’s kid? It’s one of your own. Look on that cultfest that you seem to adore so much. I bet you have even wished them a happy birthday. That kind of behavior is manifested on your hero’s blog not here. Why not ask Lynn? Maybe because she’s a LIAR and deep down you know it.

    • Dame Rhetorica says:

      Crap…just spent 10 minutes replying & lost it. PD, I asked here because Mandy (?) seems to know & so do I & I bet anyone who reads blogs about HWs does too. I stay in LNC because of the comradery. They’re witty, intellegent, and caring. I’ve rarely seen anyone attacked in a mean way unless they make a racist, sexist, or other ist comment. My phone must not like this site; it’s slow. Hope this posts this time.

      • pork drippings leaves stains says:

        If you already know then why are you here asking?

        • Dame Rhetorica says:

          OK, can’t type in the phone. I DON’T know. I want to know & bet everyone else does too.

          • pork drippings leaves stains says:

            Got it. I’d be willing to put money on Lynnie knowing. She has quite a history of doing some really dirty behind the scenes s*^t. See Mandy ain’t gonna say because she is a decent person and understands the cops are the ones to deal with it. I wonder if it were Lynn instead of Ilana would Lynn do the same. All I know is I feel really bad for Ilana because what that person did is farked up.

          • I know, sure they do but it’s not my place to say. Good Night Everyone. Bethenny, a post is coming your way!!

  30. Skeered of Lynnions says:

    I know some of her followers are from her blog. I cant tell you why people still follow her. I know some people follow to watch. she usally isnt as bad as the tweets you have posted. every once in a while Lynn goes off her rocker on JIll. Lynn is very sneaky, she has other people do her dirty work. Maybe some of the eggs are fake like Jilly has. what i want to know is how can Lynn blame her mean tweets on Jill for tagging her? The things Jill said don’t give Lynn a right to be so evil. She is disgusting. Cutie Pie, I dont want to out your twitter name but I think I know who you are. Does your name hace an O and an N in it?

    • pork drippings leaves stains says:

      It has a C but no N. Triple chins seems to be in the habit of lying about her nasty behavior and if she can’t pretend she didn’t do it then she resorts to Plan B. Blame it on someone else. If she can blame it on Jill even better. I really don’t like Jill but damn if I don’t feel a little bit sorry for her because of the way Pork Chop can’t leave her alone. I mean jeez let it go already. I guess she can’t because her whole internet existence is based on Shrill being the antichrist. And you are right Carolyn is definitely disgusting. Do you know if they have a shower on her blog?

      • pork drippings leaves stains says:

        I’m meant no O but then realized you were asking Cutie not me. I only twittered once just to give old sweaty a taste of her own medicine. I was hoping she would see what she is like but I’m not going to hold my breath. I do know that Cutie has a couple celebrity sites who follow her and is quite popular on twitter. Cutie where are you?

        • cutie pie says:

          HI stains..was out last nite..sorry I missed the evening here..look interesting.

          I have very few followers however three are celebrity blogs..why?…because I make sense when I do tweet…

      • Lol what? I’m snooping lol. What are you all talking about? A shower on the blog? Dame does birthdays? Dame, you were never blocked, I just didn’t approve because you seemed hostile and for obvious reasons I had to moderate comments.
        As far as the person who made the threats, it is not my place at this point to say who left the comments because Angel had her legal team take action, if we say the name it could affect the out come because they could say we sent people after her. This is why I had to hold off posting the current post.

        • pork drippings leaves stains says:

          I was just wondering if LameNChicago has a shower because Pork Rinds plays so dirty. Just a joke. Dame keeps a list of all the posters birthdays over there. I hope that they make the bitch who threatened her get some serious help because that is scary. Who the hell does something like that. I don’t care if that persons thinks Lynn farts gold – there is no excuse for that. I hope Ilana is ok.

        • Dame Rhetorica says:

          Thanks, did not know lawyers were involved. There’s so much going on, I need a playbook!

    • cutie pie says:

      hi skeered ..it has a coupla “o;s” an no “n” in it…I’ll email my twitter name to Mandy and give her permission to give it to you given you have supplied her with your bona fide email address…

  31. pork drippings leaves stains says:

    Mandy – Nancy is a trip isn’t she. I wonder if her parents didn’t hold her enough when she was a kid or something. Thanks for this blog because Bethenny’s attitude SUCKS. Thank you also for calling out nasty old Lynn. You’ve got some brass b*@ls baby. Nice to see a blogger who isn’t going to take her crap. You’re smart to have comments on babysit right now because her monkeys are relentless. Also did I say Bethenny’s attitude SUCKS.

    • Dame Rhetorica says:

      PD, Nancy lost her mom at a very young age. See how snark can turn to harm when no harmful intent was meant?

      • cutie pie says:

        meaning what??? exactly..no harm was meant and that is quite easy to see. Are you now going to try to convince people that the same applies to porker?

        keep posting on your beloved porks site…sounds as though you are a perfect fit.

        • Dame Rhetorica says:

          geeze cutie pie, you don’t need to attack eveything! It was what is was. Snark can harm even if not intended. I had no ulterior motive with that statement. H#ll, I used to used it in class.

          • cutie pie says:

            attack “everything”. we don’t do bio’s, family histories or birthdays on this blog. it is what it is. no one here confuses this for a “real” family and “real” friends..

            • pork drippings leaves stains says:

              HAHAHA. I wonder if Lynn’s little monkeys realize the irony of their being able to post here. It really is funny.

              • cutie pie says:

                I think it’s even funnier that these peeps are here trying to teach “others” about cyber courtesy. These people are truly unbelievable.

          • silly pretty says:

            Hi Dame, You back? Where are your threats? You came off as a total redneck on IHJZ. “I’m going to the pool, if Silly Pretty checkes in, I’ll deal with it.” You are so insane sounding! Bring it on. I’ll be at Stoopid Housewives, where we get the snark on all housewives. I dare you to go there.

            • cutie pie says:

              wow..silly pretty..dame was flexing her chins on pork’s site?

              • Dame Rhetorica says:

                Silly Pretty, Once again, making mountains out of molehills. They knew I meant not to attack you just because you & i were trying to have a conversation. Is there subterfuge in everything? No one can ask, post or question anything! You win! I’m done. You can talk about me all you want; just please, no more lies about me. Came here for clarity; thanks for the help with that.

      • pork drippings leaves stains says:

        I don’t get your point Dame. Have I called her poor little orphan Nancy. NO. She came here and tried to start something. Is it my fault she’s a moron? NO.

      • pork drippings leaves stains says:

        My parents used to drop me on my head for fun Dame. WHERE IS MY APOLOGY FROM NANCY? That’s a stupid argument. If sweet little Nancy can give it she can take it. Are you sure Nancy isn’t Bethenny?

    • This my reply to Squirrel I am moving up.
      My goodness Squirell, I am so sorry to hear what you went through. I am also so sorry if my post opened up any wounds. (sp)( it’s late) I simply was trying to expose what lethal venom this vicious snake Lynn has if she suspects or you cross her. This is the stuff people don’t know about. I am copying your comment and putting it here below mine.

      Comment by Squirrel: (from post WSL/SPEECHLESS)
      Sorry KLMH, but you’ve got the story twisted. Indeed, I was upset that
      a guest blogger would use the word ‘retard’ in such an insulting way.
      Yes, I have a child born with Down Syndrome and have spent 26 years
      explaining to children that he’s a cool dude and to try to see past
      his method of learning. Kids are smart and once things are explained
      in a manner they can understand, they almost always open their hearts
      and minds. It’s not the word in and of itself that ever bothers me,
      it’s the insinuation that people with mental retardation are stupid. I
      guaranty you, that is not at all the case.

      As to Lynn? I was also a guest blogger on her site. When the incident
      you allude to above transpired, I was upset. If you look back, you’ll
      see I got quite a bit of support, not everyone agreed, but hey, so it
      goes. Lynn chose to allow this woman to continue to guest blog. This
      woman made it very clear to the readers she’d say anything she wanted.
      Don’t like it? Tough toenails. It was at this point I chose to leave
      the site. Said goodbye, thanked Lynn and hit the trail. I kept getting
      requests to return, including Lynn herself via email and after a
      while, I did. Here is one example:
      Wall St Lady says:
      October 3, 2010 at 9:36 am
      “Hi Bump
      It seams like daily someone asks “where is squirrels”
      Had enough left over a dust up too. 7 people have figured out who I
      am. Since I have a Company site w/all my bio & address I am only
      flattered anyone cared enough to find me. Lynn has put up a picture
      board & many pictures of LynnFam r up.
      There has not been I disability slur since u jumped off. U r sooooo
      Missed !
      w/nuts on top
      Jump Back !
      Hugs & more Hugs

      My comments were pretty average, like Hi, nice to see you, etc. I
      never said one vile thing. I had no reason to. Finally, I left again
      for good as the site had lost all semblance of charm and I just didn’t
      want to be part of that mentality anymore. The KoolAid ran out, so to

      Meanwhile, I was writing a book about my son. Children with
      developmental issues do the same kind of funny stuff all kids do –
      like locking you out of your house, leaving you standing in 4ft of
      snow, etc. It’s not all doom and gloom.

      Suddenly, I got another comment on my blog from WSL:
      Wall St Lady says:
      November 12, 2010 at 2:04 pm
      “I met ur friend Lisa. Bobby never herd of Lisa so I gave him Lisa’s #
      508 xxx xxxx”

      How or why this person Lisa is attributed to me remains a mystery.
      Come to find out, she is or was one of Jill’s assistants. Still, none
      of it was my business and I chose to ignore what I was sure would end
      up being a problem.

      Why is this of any concern in the big picture? Because for some
      unimaginable reason, Lynn Hudson decided I was “IhateJZandLynnSucks,”
      or something like that. Twilighttwitti put it in her head and it got
      stuck there. Personally, I think it was simply convenient for Lynn.
      “Someone is picking on me, who do I hate today? Oh yeah, Squirrels!
      That wench had the nerve to leave my blog and even thank me to boot.
      That’s the ticket!”

      From there, all hell broke loose. No matter how I protested my
      innocence, Lynn and by extension, her faithful followers knew, just
      knew I was the evil woman who was on a mission from God to upset the
      apple cart. Now, Lynn told her buddies that she had to delete many of
      my comments on her blog due to my foul mouth, things a drunken sailor
      wouldn’t dare utter in a crowded port bar. Yeah, ok. Then the story I
      was writing about my son was a complete fabrication and in fact I had
      abandoned my child. Oh, goody. You cannot imagine the sense of
      frustration trying to prove a negative. To quote Jill Zarin, “Just
      because you say it, doesn’t make it true.” My protestations fell on
      deaf ears. It didn’t matter this ‘evil woman’ tweeted from an AT&T
      IPhone. I use Verizon and at that time, only AT&T had IPhones. Not
      to mention, I didn’t have internet access on my phone. Was I upset?
      Yep. Angry? Livid. Sigh…. Inevitably, I chose to walk away, locked
      up my twitter account and have be
      happy ever since.

      Last month, another blogger brought me back into the whole ordeal,
      rehashing and even copy/pasting things I wrote over a year ago. I
      ignored the blog, but responded on twitter. Said my piece and once
      again, let it go.

      • cutie pie says:

        Whew…if nothing speaks to the problem that is lynn hudson and her rabid fans..this must.

        I am speechless…but have been rendered speechless before due to triple chins.

      • Squirrels says:

        No problem. BTW, just to clarify, the whole I became JZandLynnSucks because Lynn wouldn’t let me guest blog anymore? That’s a new one on me. As I said, when I walked away, I didn’t look back. I suppose she had to come up with some explanation though in order to maintain her reputation as a straight shooter. As I see it, LH’s deflection equals deception.

        • pork drippings leaves stains says:

          Just another sad example of what the “witty, intelligent and caring group” over there do to people. I’d say I’m sorry for you but it sounds like a blessing in disguise. Good riddance for you.

          • cutie pie says:

            hey stains! how can we talk Mandy in to unblocking nancy..it’s not often I get to be around such a whirlwind of —–

            • pork drippings leaves stains says:

              I’m not sure Cutie. I think Mandy got sick of her because Nancy was TRYING to dish it but just couldn’t take it. I view Nancy as a two year old trying to hit an adult – a little irritating, very funny but no one is really worried because it’s a TWO YEAR OLD.

              • cutie pie says:

                I think she took it all really well..I don’t believe she understood half of it, but she took it…

  32. cutie pie says:

    Dame..since you know who it is..why not spill?…wordpress, a battery of attorneys and police now know.

    So hope police examine the sicko’s hard drive and it leads to emails back and forth from pork chop.

    In the very least, I’m sure porker will be questioned and we all know that she will throw whomever she must under the bus.

    One more thing to the LIttle Chins…doesn’t it bother you at all the your brothers and sisters have been accused of insulting you whenever pork gets a hard on for someone?

    Doesn’t it both any of you that the porker will make false claims and rather than say..”I don’t care for this person any more” and own it,,she makes it sound as though she is doing you all a favor and “protecting” you all?

    What a bunch of fools.

  33. cutie pie says:

    posting sequence is off again.

  34. cheers & tea says:

    Dear Mandy,
    I have been intrigued/fascinated/disgusted/shocked (& lions & tigers & bears, oh my!) by the Real Housewives franchise. Never having watched other reality television (apart from Ice Loves Coco, because they are AWESOME, imo), I’m not quite sure how it compares, but my circle of friends DO NOT watch these shows… and as a result, a few months ago, I began reading blogs, curious to know what other people thought when the shows started to feel mean and I began to feel guilty for watching them. Unwilling to engage in tabloid culture, I was thrilled when I could find blogs/tweets by real fans (as in, non-famous, not connected to the show) as it was just so fun and interesting. The thing is, all the hate-blogging to which you’re bravely calling attention REALLY freaked me out. I found, and still find it, bizarre that while people were complaining about some truly bad behavior exhibited by the housewives, they were at the same time acting with much greater cruelty than any of them! The worst part was that it was obvious that these were ADULT women, bullying from behind the safety of a screen. At a time when teenagers across the country are actually KILLING themselves over bullying, I am so ashamed that these people, by their behavior, not only condone it but ACTIVELY participate and cheer on one another.
    I can’t express how happy I am that I found your site, and Ilana Angel’s (among a few others, but they are not mentioned here and I don’t wish to enable some reader that will invariably hate this comment and use it as an “excuse” to then go to those sites and bully those bloggers) and how proud I am that you are able to distinguish between hating a person’s behavior/what they represent and actually hating a person. I had no idea until the last few weeks how vicious it all is and I am so shocked and disgusted that people are threatening people’s children OVER A TV SHOW! I know this is a long-winded comment, so if it bothers you, don’t post it, but I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for your blog, thank you for your guts, thank you for trying to carve out a safe place for people to have fun and comment, whatever their opinions. I really appreciate it and I am sure other people do as well. Also, I really appreciate reading people whose interpretations/opinions differ from mine because it causes me to reevaluate my own opinion and either alter or sustain it after some thought. Oh, for the record, while I have written this rather colloquially, I am actually an enormous grammatical snob in a few languages and I find the remarks critiquing your grammar/spelling to be mean-spirited rather than well-meant. Furthermore, as someone who would be appalled at some of the usages in say, a professional or even a student paper, this blog is YOUR space and if I can understand and appreciate that, so can anyone and they people pulling the “My English is superior to yours” can go #^&% themselves… especially as their English isn’t particularly good, never mind exceptional. Anyway, thank you again.

  35. Sable says:

    Squirrel, you have a blog? Could you leave your link, I would love to read it. I read the all the comments on “Real City Housewife” blog…was this what you was referrring to when you said:

    “Last month, another blogger brought me back into the whole ordeal,
    rehashing and even copy/pasting things I wrote over a year ago.”

    For those of you that havent read it, here is the link. http://realcityhousewife.wordpress.com/2010/11/15/bs-blogger-blogs-jenn-sale/comment-page-2/#comments Be prepared for some reading…and alot of drama.

    • Squirrels says:

      Sorry Sable, I deleted the content of that blog. The comments still exist, but with the vitriol I experienced, I chose to continue to write my book in private. As for the latest, let’s drag Squirrels back into the sewer, it was not the RCH blog. I haven’t been there in over a year. It’s a site that refers to me by my twitter nic as the whole JZLynnSucks ordeal played out there.

      • Sable says:

        Squirrels, so there is more? WOW! I had no idea about any of the conflict involving you until I read RCH comment section. And now your telling me you was being attacked on another site? Will it ever end? This shit is more intense than the HWs, at least we know they create drama, and BRAVO likes to edit the scenes.

        You must of been close to Lynn to talk to her husband on the phone. Why do you think she turned on you? None of my business really, just curious. I don’t know the dynamics of what has transpired in the past with the Lynn saga. I just started reading one day, I think it was Tvtime, or SH, that lead me to Mandy’s blog. And whats up with this WSL, is she a celeb or something? She doesn’t seem to be able to make a coherent sentence. Her nonsensical ramblings are truly a mystery to me, lol.

        • Squirrels says:

          For the record, I”ve never spoken to LH’s husband face to face, on the phone, via email, Twitter, blogs, telepathically or otherwise. I was quoting WSL. Please read the post again.

          As for WSL, as you can see, I never outed her. Never even used her real name on the RCH blog, but it suited some to accuse me of doing so. WSL in a comment on my blog informed ME she’d been outed on LH’s blog. I had nothing to do with that drama. At that point I had no idea who she was, nor did I care, as it had nothing to do with me. I’ve yet to see where I used her real name on the RCH blog. I was just the convenient scape goat, once I questioned the practice of asking for donations in exchange for what was more than likely a 10 cent key chain to further someone’s career. Money many who followed the blog could ill afford.

          I stand by my original post on RCH’s blog. Period.

          • Sable says:

            Squirrels…my bad. I went and reread what was said. I see now it does say “end quote”. I do apologize, I do not wish to make you feel defensive, or upset. You are among friends here.

            • pork drippings leaves stains says:

              Hey Squirrels the only people here who will accuse you are Pork drippings little grease stains. The rest of us get it. Like you said with the Chin Family deflection = deception. Notice how Dame or Nancy won’t answer any real questions about Pork Chop and her venom spewing riblets.

          • Squirrels says:

            As I reread RCH’s blog, it it probable she removed some of my content, particularly specifics as to WSL’s real life identity. Makes sense, although it doesn’t change my stance on the subject.

        • Squirrels says:

          Sable, RE: WSL – The entire ordeal went down a year ago. Now that I think about it, I do believe i used WSL’s real name. At that point everyone already knew it, as she brought attention to it herself. I apologize for adamantly denying I used her name. It was a long time ago and while my memory is not 100%, it seems reasonable I would do so. I was completely fed up with the foolishness by then.

          Beg pardon.

          • pork drippings leaves stains says:

            Can you explain why a titan of the wall street industry would be getting drunk and hanging out on Lynn’s blog? I just don’t get it. Like if I found out that Obama was hanging out on Reality Tea that would freak me out.

            • Squirrels says:

              Beats the hell out of me. “I’m just a pawn…. in the game of life.” – Mongo, Blazing Saddles

            • cutie pie says:

              how did you know I’m Obama?

            • Sable says:

              I so agree, PORK! Why would this TITAN befriend a lonely old lady who is obsessed with Jill Zarin?

              • cutie pie says:

                Supposedly, Ilana has yet another article on Pork that includes drunken WSL..and Ilana did use the term “drunk” when referring to WSL.

                With the threats to her family though..don’t know if she’ll post it or if she can get clearance to post.

                Don’t forget..unlike a delusional hobby blogger, Ilana is a “paid” blogger..and all her posts must pass through legal first..the same legal dept she is utilizing to look into some little chin.

          • cutie pie says:

            wsl did out herself..she wanted to stuff herself back in because for some reason the titan of industry was afraid of jill zarin…

            ok..now stop and reread above.

            this ceo of a wall street firm was frightened of a woman who owns a rag store on the lower east side (which is where many rag, button, trim stores are)

            lynn must have had her sphincter in a knot over something else..or she is just so bedazzled by the fact that wsl could afford to have pork’s hair cut at super cuts that she threw squirrels under the bus to appease wsl and hopefully get another $15 haircut out of her.

          • Sable says:

            It’s all good. I have no idea what her name is, nor do I recall reading you using her name. You don’t have to apologize to me about anything. She is irrelivant to me, and honestly, who cares about some high flalutin society lady in NYC, well…maybe if your name is Lynn, lol. As you can see, that blog was over a year ago, and I just read it recently so you know I’m out of the loop.

  36. cutie pie says:

    ramona finally stated what I had suspected all along..she outed jill as having had a past alcohol problem..she is tired of jill constantly stating she had a drinking problem.

    when i tweeted this article..it got retweeted all over the place.


    still maintain that pork has become who she hates most..jill zarin..and then some.

  37. pork drippings leaves stains says:

    So Cutie I’m writing my will and I know we just met but because we’re on the same blog that makes you my family. You know the Mandy Fam. Anyway I want to leave my kids to you if anything should happen to me. I know they don’t know you from Adam and you could be someone who likes to beat little kids but I just feel so close to you. Also I need a kidney transplant so pony up because we are FAMILY. And I expect you to ask me how my mother is doing EVERY six hours. Come on Cutie you are like a sister to me. And my birthday is coming up – I expect something good. Don’t be cheap and give me one of Lynns keychains either.

    • cutie pie says:

      ok..i’ll take the kids but only if mandy finds a wealthy poster to make some IHB bathroom tissue roll covers and boosts them for a hundred bucks a set.

      btw..nancy needs a brain and am setting up a fund shortly.

    • Sable says:

      PORK, your killing me, LMAO!!!! The “Mandy Fam”? So does that make this us against them? Something like, Democrats vs. Rebublicans? You know they are reading all our comments, they are such sleuths!

      • cutie pie says:

        lol..they mistake being fanatical with good sleuthing…

        Rory sounded like he had his panties in a twist over this blog…he kept wondering if “they win” whatever that means…where would we all go?

  38. Harry potter caught a snitch says:

    @Mandy. I’m a regular poster at IHJZ and enjoy it. I think most of the regulars there don’t know much about what goes on behind the scenes – and quite frankly don’t really care to know. There is very little nastiness in the IHJZ blog comments. Unless someone comes in and attacks – people get along.

    The twitter world and other blogs are a different matter altogether. There is a whole other set of vitriol out there that people mention occasionally, but for whatever reason stays off of the IHJZ blog.

    Check out this link for a little bit of it:
    Really Old Housewife also did a long blog about it at one point – and you’ll notice some of the names mentioned in the link (above) were involved in the blog war on RCH’s site last year.

    You seem to be on a quest for more information, and I respect that. I’m that way as well. I think there are many sides to these wars, and I personally have come to the conclusion that there are a half dozen or so folks that take this way too far – hopefully none of them are regular posters at IHJZ – but who knows. The internet is a very anonymous place. I hope the person who sent the threats to you is found and appropriate actions are taken. I suspect it is one of this twitter-crazy folks – only because they seem to take things to a different level.

    • Silly Pretty says:

      Harry Potter whatever name you are using…I’ve been reading IHJZ for months, and I’ve never seen that avatar name. You are giving a fake name here…and you know that. I’ll ask Nancy and that Dame Wizard if they have ever heard of “Harry Potter caught a snitch” Say What? That RCH started alot of trouble because she was ignored and deleted off SH’s site. RCH is STOOPID!

      • I did tell people they can use an alias here if they were in fear of retaliation or just felt comfortable. Also, I believe that RCH got involved because she didn’t want to believe her beloved Lynn could do a such thing. In Part 1 I linked the post.
        Sorry the newer comments are just now getting posted, I didn’t have my email on and it didn’t alert me.

        • Harry potter caught a snitch says:

          No need to apologize for having to monitor your comments and not seeing new posts and releasing them, and thank you for recognizing the need to sometimes be anonymous.

      • Harry potter caught a snitch says:

        I am using different posting name here than I use one the IHJZ blog – that is correct. I have no wish for my posts on that blog to be associated with my snooping around about the twitter wars. I referenced Real (ly) Old Housewife of Manatee County’s blog, not Real City Housewife’s. ROH was the one who did the blog on the twitter wars.

        • Silly Pretty says:

          Not a big fan of RCH! She wrote that nasty post on Stoopid Housewives/Wax Diva. That was mean! she should’ve done like ChinChinPorkChop always says…e-mail me in private. RCH didn’t do that. She put Stoopid Housewife on BLAST!!! Nobody did it to her.

          • Harry potter caught a snitch says:

            I love RCH’s take on the shows. She’s a very talented writer, and every once in a while I check back to see if she’s blogging again. I agree that her blog on StoopidHousewife was uncalled for. I enjoyed Waxdiva when she commented on the other blogs, and was disappointed to see RCH be mean to her. I totally agree that some things are much better solved privately.

        • cutie pie says:

          Potter..why don’t you ask chin chin why she tried to have this blog shut down???

          When jz was reporting pork butt to wordpress..all of you were up in arms…However, it’s ok for Pork Belly the throw her massive weight around?

          All of you live by a double standard…Three blogs in one week about Pork Chop? Doesn’t that give you a clue?

          • Harry potter caught a snitch says:

            @cutie pie. Since Lynn has said she didn’t try to get this blog shut down, I believe her. I don’t see why she’d be a defender of Bethenny. Bethenny can take care of herself. I don’t blame Jill or Maggie for trying to get the IHJZ blog shut down, but I’m glad she didn’t. Personally, I think it was a silly PR move because it just drew more attention to the blog.

            As for getting a clue, I tried to make heads or tails of this after the blog wars a year ago, and ended up thinking the whole lot of them were crazy. The twitter stuff is especially exhausting.

            • cutie pie says:

              Mandy..you just got called a liar by pots.

              Pork lies and her cult swears to it.

              • Harry potter caught a snitch says:

                I don’t think Mandy is lying. I don’t think Lynn is lying. I do think there are other people trying to cause trouble.

              • cheers & tea says:

                “I don’t think Mandy is lying. I don’t think Lynn is lying. I do think there are other people trying to cause trouble.”

                Hi, I’m new to this (my first blog comment ever, after a few months of reading several fairly regularly is above), so I’m not sure if it’s okay to reply or not. I have a sneaking suspicion that I will be called out if it isn’t 😛 Anyway, while I am admittedly an outsider and have never interacted with anyone on any blog before, I do believe that Mandy is telling the truth. Her impeccable sourcing (providing ss, explanations of accurate IP identity, etc.), not to mention the insane VITRIOL espoused on certain other sites, serve to bolster her claims.
                I think more to the point, what makes you think Mandy is NOT telling the truth? Or Lynn for that matter? The histories provided are waaaaay to far along that, “Oh, it’s all just a big misunderstanding!” type of situation. I don’t understand how you can find their truth-telling mutually exclusive as they both DIRECTLY CONTRADICT each other. Either you don’t know/haven’t decided or you don’t understand everything that Mandy has meticulously posted and explained… which even to a blog idiot like me is easily accessible. Logically, one of them HAS to be lying, as each accuses the other. I mean, if she’s [Mandy] not lying, as you say, is she telling the truth? If she’s not telling the truth, then what the HELL is going on?
                I’m here, so obviously I believe Mandy– the preponderance of evidence gathered by her and some others is overwhelming. Let me be clear, I’m not angry with you/your comments. I just REALLY don’t understand the above statement. I mean, is Mandy posting her comments because other people are causing trouble and she accidentally went down some random rabbit hole and her posts are just the resulting hallucinogenic acid trips? Where’s the logic?
                Anyone, anyone? Bueller, Bueller, Bueller? Please, I would really love some elucidation. Perhaps there’s some behind-the-scenes stuff of which I am not aware that explain you statement, and while it’s not my business, I’d be curious to know if that affected your processing of proffered data.
                Any of you ladies that could shed some light, I’d appreciate it. I’m flummoxed.

                snoochie boochies!

              • Let set aside my issue with Lynn for a minute. What about everyone else? What about her doing that to stoopidhousewife site and Tvtime? What about poor squirrels getting the blame? What about everyone else?
                My issue, please explain how some one could get in to Lynn’s email and email me from the address she has on her blog? There is too many incidents, you can choose to not believe it, that is fine, but for the people it did happen to, they have a right a vent.

              • I replied to the wrong person above and here, that’s okay, this will get read. To the person who sent me the link about white out, I have no idea who those people are or what the person is talking about.

              • No I didn’t go down a rabbit hole. Some one had a problem with Angel and took up their issues here. As it’s said above.

              • cutie pie says:

                yeah potsy..guess you’re right..it must be those “others” that are pissing off every other reality blogger in the blogosphere…lol

              • Harry potter caught a snitch says:

                I think that right around the time Mandy received the email someone was impersonating Lynn, and doing a really good job at it. They even came to the IHJZ and showed us how easy it was to impersonate regular posters. Because I watched them switch identities and taunt Quincy, I know it can be done. That’s why I believe Mandy is telling the truth and Lynn is telling the truth.

                About the same time was when the posts were left on Stoopidhousewife’s site. Again, I believe Lynn when she said she didn’t leave the posts, and I believe Stoopidhousewife when she says the posts were left.

                What happened between Lynn and Ima (TVtime) happened. People have fights.

              • cheers & tea says:

                But Mandy explicitly showed how you can try to mask an identity but it can still be tracked back to the original/unique user… with screenshot examples. Yes? No?

              • So they emailed from me from the address on Lynn’s blog as well?

              • Harry potter caught a snitch says:

                @ mandy. I hadn’t read that you received an email from Lynn’s email address that threatened to close the site down. I read the email from the Lynn Family you posted in a previous blog, but you didn’t say it came from Lynn’s email address. That one certainly wasn’t in her style of writing. Is there another one, or is that the one you are talking about?

            • pork drippings leaves stains says:

              Harry did you read the post about Lynn trying to shut this blog down? You said Lynn told you she didn’t and you believe her. Then you are saying Mandy is lying. Read the post someone is lying and it isn’t Mandy. If you believe Lynn then why do you need to “snoop around”? You’re not making sense.

              • Silly Pretty says:

                LynnNChicago says:
                December 4, 2011 at 6:43 pm
                Get a grip! lol Does this blog have a sign hanging outside inviting one crazy per day or something? Who let this one in???

                PJ says:
                December 4, 2011 at 6:51 pm
                LOL………No there is just a big list of who can comment and who can’t, along with what can be commented on and what can’t that’s all.

                Cusi77 says:
                December 4, 2011 at 7:05 pm
                Lynn: I saw that sign! Today is too late… I’ll be back tomorrow!Lol!

    • pork drippings leaves stains says:

      Keep telling yourself that Harry Potter.

  39. KellyNNola says:

    I’ve just finished reading these comments, and I think that everyone should just calm down for a minute. With all of the suicides in this country today caused by cyberbullying, I think everyone should be a little bit more cautious and thoughtful about what they type. If you want to share a problem that you have with Lynn, Nancy, Dame, or anyone then you are able to do it without getting vile. And vice-versa. I am not saying that everyone should be best friends, just please consider the way you word things.

    Silly pretty & cutie pie, do you all feel good about calling me crazy and sick the other day? I certainly hope not. I personally don’t care, but just imagine if you had said that to someone with low self esteem issues…

    I was honest that I went off the rails on that blog during the one of the hardest weekends of my life. End of story.

    Silly pretty, cutie pie, porker stains (whoever said I begged for their forgiveness over email)– I NEVER emailed anyone at Lynn’s blog for forgiveness. I email a total of 3 people from there and we talk about our daily lives & similar interests like interior design, not Lynn Hudson’s blog. Don’t assume things. I was upset with Lynn for private reasons and we have both apologized and moved on. Don’t take this as meaning we are good friends and I worship the ground she walks on. It just means I won’t speak negatively of her anymore.

    Despite what you may think, I’m not looking to be friends with you all or people at Lynn’s site. I have very good friends around me in my life, and a wonderful son.

    And this post is not intended to attack anyone, just state how I feel. Hope everyone is having a good Sunday,

    XoXo Kelly

    • Silly Pretty says:

      Kelly, I’m not being mean or attacking you, BUT, what you did on IHJZ site was whack! You lead all these commenters on and put up such a front. Maybe that’s why your husband left you, and you should’ve been worrying about your son that weekend, instead of sitting behind your computer and putting on an act. I think you have mental health issues. Tell a Dr. or a therapist what you did. They’ll think you’re whack too.

      • KellyNNola says:

        You have such a wonderful way of expressing to me what you believe my problems are. I’m sure you make an excellent friend/spouse/parent.

        As for everything else you wrote, how dare you talk about my personal life and son. Like you have any sort of idea about what happened in my marriage? It speaks to your true nature– completely classless.

        • Silly Pretty says:

          Kelly, So, when you were going through all this trauma, you thought to ease the stress, by pretending to be someone else on a blog? These people knew you as Kelly and a friend, but you decided to play this trick or game on them? Go over to that site right now, and see what your reception would be like. Go On. Off You Go. See how the IHJZ commenters feel about you. OKAY? OKAY!

          • cutie pie says:

            silly pretty..wow..do you realize you and I were typing the same sentiment at the same time???

            but, I do wish to add this..since I do believe that nola showed some severe cracks in her emotional make up, I will not address nor comment about her again.

            unlike LH and her flunkies, I do not wish to be responsible for sending someone else further over the edge.

    • cutie pie says:

      Just today Porker called the All About Truth Website that “really nasty website”..is that what you mean about being cautious about what one types?

      Nola…you were attacked on IHJZ by your “siblings”…did you make sure to tell them off?…or do you save your boldness for this site…btw..this is another site that your “mommy’, Porker tried to shut down.

      Why don’t you make believe she succeeded and take your comments to a site that cares…that is if they still do…from what I read..you’re not all that welcome there either.

      • Silly Pretty says:

        And Kelly, I never attacked your child! Don’t even go there. You don’t see what you did that weekend as whacked? Like I said, go to IHJZ site and see how they feel about you. I dare you! I dare double dare you to show your little face avatar at IHJZ.

      • Harry potter caught a snitch says:

        Kelly was attacked by an anonymous person on the IHJZ site. Perhaps it was a regular posting under another name, but I have no way of knowing who it really was. They really hit her when she was vulnerable, and many of us rallied around her to support her. People go through tough times and behave in ways that they normally wouldn’t.

        • KellyNNola says:

          Thank you to whoever you are.

          • cutie pie says:

            btw..All about Truth tweeted that the Porker is just trying to stay relevant with her insults and that no, she will not be posting an expose because she does not with to make her more relevant.

            That “puff” piece she wrote on mego is because mego threw her a bone and actually acknowledged her…so being the “unbiased” hobby blogger that she is, she reports mego’s appearance dates…you know…all that important stuff she does at every dive bar in new jersey that will have her.

            • pork drippings leaves stains says:

              Cutie she is the Housewives EXPERT. Mego is lucky Porky has acknowledged her at all. Do they have Supercuts in N.J.? Maybe Chins is just looking for a free trim.

              • cutie pie says:

                Porky writes puff pieces on any housewife who will follow her on twitter, email her and/or acknowledge her in any way shape or form…Porky also likes to quote these peeps as her ever so reliable sources…of course…she discounts the times they have used her just to plant unsubstantiated charges against someone they do not like. But..no skin off pork’s belly…

                I don’t know if they have a super cuts in NJ..but they do in the burbs of chicago and I hear Porky and done a “lay away” on her next trim.

            • Sable says:

              Lynn likes Melissa, because she hates Teresa. I often wondered what caused all the antimosity towards Teresa, she is just another HW, right? We love to hate them, but Lynn does not seem to know the difference between “reality” or a reality TV show which is scripted and edited to make certain key players look good or bad. Very disturbing that someone would take these shows so personal.

              I believe when Teresa started blogging for the NY housewives, she let it be known her distaste for Bethenny.

              From Bethennys blog:

              “I am being asked by Bravo for my opionion of the episode though, and Bethenny’s naked shoot was a big part of that, so hear goes. What did I think? I thought it was nasty that she hiked up her robe by the bush in front of everyone. I thought it was totally tacky that she was wearing a homemade “SkinnyGirl” robe for the shoot (not as tacky as the SkinnyGirl car, but close). I thought it was completely stupid for her to e-mail a naked picture to her boyfriend’s work e-mail address. And I think the whole idea of using naked women to bring attention to animal rights is belittling, pornographic, and makes no sense. Especially women who wear fur, leather shoes, and eat meat.”

              And there you have it. Anyone who saids a negative word about Bethenny will be ostracized by Lynn.

          • Silly Pretty says:

            Why are you thanking Harry Potter. That was just an opinion, and no truth behind it. Who attacked Poor little ol’ Kelly? Maybe it was someone posting as someone else? Duh? That’s what KooKooKelly Nola did.

    • Biscuits says:

      Kelly, you have done things in the last week on this blog that are beyond contradictory. One moment you claim the high ground and the next you do the opposite. It is not healthy. Others do notice and call you on it.
      It does not seem rational or in your own best interests. Why do you come back? What are you trying to resolve?

      • pork drippings leaves stains says:

        Here here Biscuits. I’d stay away from that one, it doesn’t seem like she’s got a good grasp on reality.

      • KellyNNola says:

        What happened last week on this blog is a long story & I apologized.

        I don’t hate Lynn or love Lynn…I am strictly neutral.

        • pork drippings leaves stains says:

          You mean strictly mental.

        • Silly Pretty says:

          Kelly, Don’t you get tired of “I apologize” “I’m Sorry” “I didn’t mean it” Do you realize that you are groveling to an entire blog because you do stupid things. Stop doing them! You punked all the commenters at IHJZ, and they didn’t like it. That’s the facts. Now go on over to IHJZ and just jump right in the conversation. They are so forgiving and open minded. I feel the love already.

          • KellyNNola says:

            You are such a coward who needs to hide behind me so that you can get their feathers all ruffled up. Well, guess what? I am not going along with your little devious plan.

            If YOU want an opinion so badly, then YOU go over there and ask them how they feel about me.

        • Biscuits says:

          There is the option of bowing out gracefully, Kelly, you really need to stop doing things that embarrass you and take jabs at others. Commenting on blogs is clearly not something you handle well. How many low points are you needing to figure this out? Walk away.

          • KellyNNola says:

            “I’ve never liked her, or commented on her site! Why would I start now?” –SillyPretty

            Yet you read all of the comments on her site everyday? Thats weird.

            • Silly Pretty says:

              Silly Pretty says:
              December 4, 2011 at 6:10 pm
              Hello, Kelly Nola asked me to come here, and see if you guys would let her comment.

              Nancy says:
              December 4, 2011 at 6:14 pm
              I would have loved to respond to your questions Silly Pretty but your
              head master blocked me. Sorry!


              • pork drippings leaves stains says:

                You are fun Silly. I can’t rip myself away.

              • Silly Pretty says:

                Nancy says:
                December 4, 2011 at 6:55 pm
                Hi Kelly,
                Of course you can join us here.

                Evangeline says:
                December 4, 2011 at 7:00 pm
                Kelly looks a little outta place over there among all your “silly faces”! Why can’t she come here and ask for herself?

            • Silly Pretty says:

              Kelly, I read lots of blogs and comments from alot of sites, but you clones at IHJZ are wierd. The devotion that you people feel for this woman is not normal.

            • pork drippings leaves stains says:

              No Kelly what you’re doing is weird. Does your therapist know you’re commenting on housewives blogs again? Silly isn’t hiding behind anybody she is trying to make a point to you. Everyone seems to get it but you.

          • pork drippings leaves stains says:

            Biscuit I don’t think she can. How many times can someone do something and then say it’s out of character for me? Seems to be a very weird little pattern with her.

            • Biscuits says:

              Agreed. And you and CP And SP and I need not continue with her. She is the three faces of Eve and I will therefore give up any wise council because the personalities keep spinning.

              • pork drippings leaves stains says:

                Biscuits you are wise and I’m gonna take a break. She’s just too easy. I’d really start punking her if I thought Pork Rinds had sent her but I’m becoming convinced she’s just nutty.

              • Silly Pretty says:

                Biscuits, You are wise indeed Grasshopper!

              • Silly Pretty says:

                I went to check my comments on IHJZ, and they have been deleted? Get Out! Silly Pretty says:
                Your comment is awaiting moderation.

                December 4, 2011 at 6:42 pm
                You came at a bad time, can you come back later little troll? We’re busy!

                Silly Pretty says:
                December 4, 2011 at 6:42 pm
                Silly Pretty says:
                December 4, 2011 at 6:43 pm
                There, that’s better on the link. I wanted to make sure you all read this!

  40. Hi everyone. I’m almost ashamed to admit that I’ve been lurking here, worse-yet, that I read all of the comments, and MOST of it makes sense to me. (meaning that I wish that I had made better use of my time for better-than a year keeping-up with so much BS, and if an ailien from Mars tried to de-cypher this would they even be able-to?)
    Dame-up-top you spouted the lynnfam party-line AGAIN! “only attackers, bla-bla-bla”, are refused to post on IHJZ, or whatever she’s now calling it. Really?
    You must have missed MY rude dispatch by Lynn herself with help from her nasty little troll anotheroneinboston?
    (my crime?-asking for Lynn’s email addy)
    In any event, (I know more-much more of course ha ha), but I only want to make one point here right now, and that is related to what Mandy has said in the main blog post here.
    Yes-LH is very careful to try and keep her image up, but it all unravels in those thanking, and love and kisses posts that she does every once in awhile.
    Take for example the nasty, nasty, went waaay too far story that Ilanna did a good job of explaining on her masterpiece. I’m referring-to the way that JS was stalked, and crucified, for HER “crime” (sarcastic quotes), of being a much better writer, and way better Real Housewives blogger, oh-yeah, and being the official Chicago Now Real Housewives blogger. I guess Chicago is only big-enough for ONE Real Housewives blogger? ……Now LH CLAIMED to have nothing to do with that.
    I’ll leave-out the part where there is possible evidence to the contrary, because I don’t know about that for sure. What I do know, is while that was all going-on, Intensity38 was leading the charge to destroy JS, and at the same time Lynn posted one of her “Love and kisses, so apprieciate…” and posted a loong-list of names, and individual love and “thank-you” messages, by name, AND WHO did Lynn single-out to praise? yep Intensity38.
    If Squirrels comes-back and sees this, Hi Squirrels!-I hope that you do finnish your book. I would love to buy a copy. The whole mess when Squirrels left is when things started to get weird and weirder at IHJZ, at least in my opinion.

    • You asked for Lynn’s email addy? She has it on her blog, so why would that boston person have to get involved? You can lurk any time you wish.

    • cutie pie says:

      do you mean her IP addy?

    • pork drippings leaves stains says:

      HH – what’s really scary is one of Lynn’s & RCH’s little monkeys is checking out Jenn Sale on the inmate locator and knows when she’s supposed to get out. I never heard of JS until I googled Lynn Hudson Sucks – no lie. Try it and see all the crap about her that pops up.

  41. pork drippings leaves stains says:

    Cutie Pie and Silly Pretty you’re wasting your time with her. She says she doesn’t want to cause trouble but obviously she does. She’s one of the people who e-mailed Mandy with her sob story. Sounds to me like she’s one of those people who likes to start s^%t and then act like she’s the voice of reason. She keeps contradicting herself and I have to agree with fancy Nancy on this one – “she seems like a truly troubled person”. It is amazing what weirdness the housewives bring out. It’s like a zoo and you know what they say – please don’t feed the animals.

    • cutie pie says:

      I agree…this doesn’t sound right nor does it feel right…Think she is best left alone.

      • pork drippings leaves stains says:

        Cutie I’ll be back in like an hour. See if you can get Mandy to fix the reply button please it’s hard enough to keep track of the crazy when it’s in order let alone like this. Kelly and Harry are all over the place just like the order of the comments.

        • cutie pie says:

          I emailed her earlier today..don’t know how else to reach her.

          • pork drippings leaves stains says:

            Cutie I’m really gonna step away this time for a little bit. Our own KKBensimmon is just too much for me to resist. I’m in the mood to be funny and I don’t know if she can handle it.

  42. cheers & tea says:

    Ack! I didn’t mean to imply you ACTUALLY fell down a rabbit hole or are on hallucinogenics! I meant that saying that you’re both not lying makes about the same amount of sense! Sorry! Okay, unequivocally, for the record, due to overwhelming evidence provided by different people, including you, Mandy, that you are telling the truth and Lynn is lying. I just really didn’t understand the premise that neither of you are lying and it’s all other people.

  43. cheers & tea says:

    “It’s no longer fun when someone drags a child into the mix.”

    Couldn’t agree more. That’s what prompted me to post and thank Mandy for everything.

  44. KellyNNola says:

    Silly Pretty, so you went over there, asked, and they said yes…So it looks like your little plan failed.

    Anyway, I don’t want to post there or here..goodbye!

    • Silly Pretty says:

      Kelly, Now you just run on over there. They like you…They really like you! They don’t like me. ChinChinPorkChop is deleting my comments. They will make you feel good about yourself. Go listen to a Nancy, Dame, or that Design Diva. hugsandpeace.com site. She is such a spiritual leader. Best to you KooKooKelly Nola!

      • pork drippings leaves stains says:

        Being deleted by Pork Rinds should be worn as a badge of honor. It means your comments were actually true and made sense.

    • pork drippings leaves stains says:

      So stop posting you nutjob.

  45. cutie pie says:

    housewifehater..yes..the chronology of the blog is screwed up.,,Let’s see where this ends up..it should be the last comment.

  46. Squirrels says:

    It has been my experience with WordPress that if the comment section exceeds the posts it can handle, things get screwy. A new page can be created to accommodate the overload. That’s up to the administrator.

  47. Sable says:

    People are paying attention to your blog Mandy. Whether they are faithful followers of Lynn, or just lurkers, they are reading and getting informed. You have made them think, and put the “?” in their minds. They can defend the guilty all day long, but the facts remain constant. The truth will come out eventually (unless your Casey Anthony, it didnt hurt that she was young and pretty, something Lynn is neither). What’s done in the dark, will soon come to light…

  48. codystl says:

    I’m new to this blog and have read a few past posts and comments to get caught up. I regularly read several blogs so don’t label me as I’m not “loyal” to any particular one, except maybe QuincyIL and she’s moved on. But, I must say that there are certain posters here who rag on the IHJZ blog regulars for behaving the way they accuse those people of behaving. Jeez, rise above it. What in the hell has Kelly, Nancy, Dame, etc. ever done other than post on more than one blog. Are we required to take sides? Is it blonds vs. brunettes? Mean vs. nice? I don’t get it.

    Should I place a bet as to who will be first to call me a troll, crazy, lunatic, etc. I guess I need to just read what the blogger posts and skip the comments. Okay, feel free to snark…

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