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Welcome to, “I Hate Bethenny Frankel” (‘s behavior) This blog is not meant for the die hard Bethenny Frankel fans. Or maybe it is.?! This blog is a forum for people like my self to discuss their dislike for Bethenny Frankel’s behavior. This blog is my opinion of Bethenny Frankel’s actions and behavior(s), therefore you shouldn’t take it serious. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. U can not be responsible for Bethenny Frankel’s behavior, I just write about it,
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  1. You may leave your comments here. You may give me your opinion good or bad. However, I will not tolerate attacking of other people that comment. I am entitled to my opinion, just like you all are, and if you don’t like what is said here, then don’t come here. I don’t go on your sites and attack you for having an opinion or attack your fans as you call them. (eye roll) so don’t do it here. No, I don’t work for Jill Zarin like it was suggested I do. Just because someone don’t like Bethenny, doesn’t mean they work for Jill. Get over your self please. I just don’t like Bethenny. I (like many of you) haven’t liked her since her since she appeared on the Martha Stewart Apprentice Show.
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    • Dyan says:

      I am totally convinced Bethenny pays people to write crap because this no talent can’t really have a following. John Q stupid has made her rich and I think she is trash like that Patti Stanger and all the Shah people.

      • linda gregory says:

        well said, can’t believe so many people buy into her anorexic girl marketing ploys

        • Anna says:

          I will never watch Bethany’s new show. I don’t believe that anyone as hateful as her should be granted that type of fame. Bethany knew in her heart that she was destined to live alone, the only problem is, that she didn’t live her life that way. She decided to tear down another human being and ruin his life for her own selfish reasons. She is hateful and a disgusting person.

          • Colin Brown says:

            I watched Real housewives of NYC from the beginning and LOVED Bethenny. Her humor especially; but after observing her awful behavior on her own reality show, and the way she treated Jason Hoppy and his nice parents; I hope he gets half of everything she made during their marriage. He earned it. She is some mean piece of work.
            Her incredibly neurotic behavior at the birthday that Jason threw for her in their apartment on RHONYC, was the beginning of the end for me. Whiny, narcissistic, and a class ” A ” B**CH all the way. it’s all about her and always will be.
            Jason came into her life when nobody wanted her. She couldn’t give it away. She was pathetic at a charity event on RHONYC, referring to herself in public as a ” born again virgin.”
            Jason is too decent for that castrator. Bethenny needs to be be with another ball buster like herself. He deserves every penny in a settlement, and joint custody for putting up with that psycho.
            Ellen DeGeneres can support Bethenny all she wants to, but the American public has her number now. Her 15 minutes are winding down. I hope she takes what’s left of her millions after Jason gets his deserved half, and retires to Boca.
            She’s a total phony.
            P.S. it’s very tacky to spend a vacation with another man when you’re not even divorced yet. She could have tried to show SOME class and respect to the father of her child,
            Get her out of here. I’ll never watch any show she’s on, and I don’t know anyone who will.

            • Sunny says:

              I could not have said it any better. I feel for their daughter because she will end up so unhappy and neurotic likr her Mom. Bethaney’s Mom called it right when on one episode she posted in the rag magazines that her daughter’smarriage will never last.

              • Sunny says:

                OBTW I won’t watch her show either and am so dissapointed in Ellen for endorsing this show.

          • Wells says:

            Amen!!!! This is when and why I lost any and respect for her. Here she states in her divorce, I want full custody, spousal support, child support, full health care paid by poor Jason etc. I am a millionaire and I don’t give a shit about Jason ,what trash!!!!

        • Jacey dean says:

          Well put ! Your bang on ” anorexic marketing ploys . 🙂

      • Rebecca says:

        Agrees!I think Bethenny Franklin thinks she’s hot shit. I literally had to google that bitc*es name because she’s that unimportant. She brings nothing to the table except when she’s crying, giving herself her only pity party… Which SOME people fall for her BS.

        Yeah, you lived a tough life, and so has millions of others… But, that should have made you more understanding of people like Heather. She was trying to befriend you and be sweet, but no, you had to make it ALL about you act as you were the victim. You’re a pathetic chihuahua with a bark and no bite. You’re my least favorite charcter on this show, wish you would have never returned to this season… You are a miserable, crusty old hag. Do all viewers a favor and get off the show!

      • sol says:


    • sassy says:


    • james wiken says:

      i have watched bethenny tv series for a little bit and it sounds like she tries to make women stronger, yet the way she does it, sounds like she is belittling men and making women more powerful by realizing women are stronger and better then men.

    • Ben To says:

      she is nothing but dirt, she doesn’t worth my breath, she should be in hell.

  2. Jessica says:

    You are a genius for creating this blog.

  3. Irene says:

    I love that you started this blog…I think she is awful and why she has fans is beyond me. Your response to Lynn H was spot on! She is noting more than a big, fat bully sitting on her fat ass eating Entenmann’s all day!

  4. Awomamaftermyownheart says:

    Finally! A person with intelligence! What a great website!! I’m so glad you are creating this! I myself despise Bethenny Frankel as well. She is such an aggressive, obnoxious, classless, bully and I can’t imagine how anyone considers this trash a role model or anything remotely near it. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see through this vile individual and I am so happy that I came across this website!! I love it!

  5. Barb says:

    Thank you so much for doing this. I’ve never come across a more repulsive person in my life. It is sad that we live in a time when people like this can actually have followers. Besides her obnoxious personality, anyone who would publicly spread lies about their parents and others are just despicable. And what if it were true? Is that supposed to be a terrible childhood? Having money and being sent to private school? She is a liar and a vile person.

  6. ThisLittleLight says:

    Well, Mandy,
    Hope all your ducks are in a row for that wedding! It can get hectic.
    I used to post on the other mentioned site also – just for a little while. It was clear in the beginning what was going on there (also mentioned by others here). So I quit posting. Because I didn’t like it. I did read for a while after that just because it was sort of entertaining to watch people fight (like a train wreck – I couldn’t look away) but then I lost interest when people started claiming to have ‘proof’ of certain things about the HWs even though it was clear their ‘resources’ were either unnamed (right) or from tabloid type ‘journalism’. Or, lol, some HWs using the blog for publicity.
    Every story I’ve read about LH’s behavior is accurate. She does delete posts, all comments are not welcome, they do jump on most every new person, and she has a penchant for trying to punish people who point out these things. Like leaving up posts attacking people she wants to humiliate. Don’t know if she does this to reward and reinforce confidence in her more aggressive posters who watch the blog when she’s gone or if she just has some sick need to see people hurt.

    It is not ‘fun’ or funny or entertaining but an exercise in negativity to the extreme to try to read over there for longer than one blog’s comments at a time. Bad for the mental health.

    I don’t have any real problem with any of the housewives, although some of them remind me of someone close to me (not in a good way). I think the producers look around, pick out the most self-centered applicants and watch them all bash into each other and just film it, cut and splice. Easy, easy tv. It’s sort of like watching the guys in A Night at the Roxbury bouncing that chick back and forth between themselves as they ‘rock out’. Only the one getting bounced around doesn’t leave. It can be entertaining. Thought maybe BH’s might be different but it has also devolved into cat fights.

    Hope you move this blog soon.

  7. Lydia says:

    I have to say, I don’t hate Bethenny Frankel. I my many ways I admire her tenacity, strength and fortitude BUT her delusion and apparent quest to destroy her beautiful new life is troubling to me. She has only been married for a year, yet she is already taking shots at her husband in a passive aggressive fashion, with Lisa Lampinelli, of all people or was that just staged for the camera. Bethenny don’t do it. Resign and go work on your marriage. That would help all of us.

    • Many of us had seen this. If you go back and watch episodes, she was slowly becoming the person she is now. I saw it coming. I don’t hate her personally, I hate her behavior. There is history why the blog is called this.

      • cindy says:

        Poor Bethenny….she claims after her first episode on NYH that she has no place to live… her only choices would be her house in the Hamptons or her apartment that is being remodeled…..better find an apartment soon…….

  8. carolinamaya says:

    I used to Love Bethenny. I love the underdog, but these days she is all about money and brands etc. I honestly believe there is something wrong with her.

  9. BertaNYC says:

    There is no warmth about her, she’s a cold fish. I guess that is what happens to a person that grows up without being loved.
    On the other hand, Jason is Mr. Perfect in my eyes as well as his warm and loving parents. Who knows what would have happened to their relationship had Bryn not been conceived.

  10. Terri says:

    I am definitely not a fan. I wish BRAVO would take her show off the air. She was funny when she was on NY Housewives but not anymore and all she does is complain and it is never her fault. She suffers from the ”Me,Me syndrome”……(cringe). All I can say is her husband is a Saint.

    • Rebecca says:

      I agree! She’s a Debbie downer and brings nothing, exiting, funny and adventurous to the show! Get rid of her

  11. Beverly Hills Born says:

    I stopped watching your show, due to the fact that every time I see you on TV,
    I can’t stop thinking about how much you lie to the public. It’s really sad that you just couldn’t be honest. You are not a good influence for my family to watch you on TV anymore…sorry..I wish you well, but, you have a really bad reputation here in Beverly Hills…and I wouldn’t recommend trying to mess with anyone here on the west coast, it’s seems like everyone talks behind your back and they say you don’t have enough quality or class for this community. Just stay clear, because I would hate to see someone rip your hair out on Rodeo Drive.

    • thissiterocks says:

      I personally think site is great just as the person who started it. Seriously, do you have any more time to put in to it because I would love to hear more of your take on Bitchhenny. She suffers from jealousy if you ask me, who is she judge anybody. Bottome line is just because we only hear her bitch an hour a week doens’t mean people can say that is all we see, it’s evident Betheny is UNHAPPY in her life, she is a bitch.

  12. Beverly Hills Born says:

    Thank you for creating this blog! Jason deserves better, she should have married her therapist.
    2. LIAR
    6. NASTY
    7. LOW CLASS
    9. BI-POLAR
    10. UNHAPPY
    15. CRUDE
    16. SELFISH

    • BertaNYC says:

      Please keep going!

      • Camille says:

        Funny! She didn’t ruin Jason or his reputation , actually she showed who she really is . I liked her and felt bad for her. She really has mental issues and sadly she now has a child who will see and hear her talking about her problems and the life bethenny has been searching for will never happen because she will never be happy. … that’s sad…. all her money won’t change who she is !

    • Louise Joles says:

      I totally agree with every word you said, but what about USER and don’t forget PHONY.

  13. tara says:

    Oh god i cant stand this woman. My friend who is very wealthy in nyc dated bethanny many years ago. I met her. She is awful. I met her abt 15 yrs ago. She was only imterested in men who had money. She talked non stop abt her wacked out mother. She is the queen of narcissism and also a major hypocrite. Why is this woman on tv with her own show and own beauty prod line that she just licensed out and did not create is beyond me. Just her name alone is annoying. Betthannnyyyyy. Ughhhhhhh

  14. Jan says:

    You r who you are assoiated with. Loved Bethenny, but been watching Celb Apprentice, and lost the love after watching her friend LIsa. Lisa is a mean bully!

    • Okay love, I don’t have the best grammar or writing skills. I am the first to admit, my approach is different. I am having a hard time understanding your question.

      You r who you associated with? You mean we as people are who we associate with?
      You LOVED Bethenny as in past tense? Lisa is from Celebrity Apprentice is Bethenny’s friend? I actually love Lisa but she is acting different. Maybe it’s her competitive side coming out.
      Note about CA. I think the winner is already picked. When Joan Rivers won, she had quit, the reason she quit was petty. Donald always fires people that quit. After reading the article about her former assistant which I will look that up, totally proved my suspicions.

  15. Rodgod says:

    I just plain hate the bitch, her voice is like nails on a chalk board.I wish that the network would cancel her dumbass show.

    • Louise Joles says:

      I just can’t figure out what Ellen was thinking, Bethennys’ voice alone is a major reason not to put this person on the air, and she speaks so fast she sounds like she’s on speed.
      Please yank this show fast.

  16. Nina says:

    What is wrong with Jason. He looks like he is so containing himself from spewing his true negative feelings about her. She doesnt deserve him. She truly is one of the most arrogant, narcistic, ego centered, selfish, heartless whatever you want to call her kind of species on the realty circuit. Please let Jason leave her and take his child with him and his parents who can give little Bryn more love and stability than BF can give her.

  17. fotobug says:

    I LOVE THIS SITE!!! BF is a self centred, egotistical, arrogant, gutter-mouthed, inarticulate no-mind and deserves to have all of her lies and mean ways exposed.

    You’re awesome!! Don’t stop blogging!!!!

  18. Barb from PA says:

    OMG~have you ever met a more annoying person???? I think people with so much baggage shouldn’t be allowed to promote reality TV shows. I know that’s what the TV people look for and what we get sucked into……it’s a shame……..she has such a beautiful daughter and a GREAT husband and it seems like she still can’t be happy……..I hate that she inflicts her unhappiness on everyone else around her……she make people walk around on egg shells…what kind of life is that for anyone???

  19. Tia says:

    I do not hate Bethanny but am exhausted after watching her shows. I find myself wondering is she is bi polar\adhd. How can one woman have this much energy? At the end of her final show after telling her group that she got the talk show; they all looked kinda dazed & confused. Julie had to have been exhausted to the umpth degree after working daily with Bethanny for 3 years! Takes someone special to do that. I find myself wondering how long she can go on at the speed and what drives her. I see this need in her to be recognized but I hope there is more to it. I hope she can make amends with her mom, you have to forgive and I think Bethanny has. Jason likes to get under her skin, it’s wrong & he needs to stop. He will need to be bring out his A game if he wants to keep up with her ( never happen ) and stay in her good graces. The world is a calmer place when I don’t watch her show. How can this woman run a business empire, have a family & commute between NYC & LA to do a talk show but the bigger question is why?? Isn’t she tired of talking yet?
    Stay tuned, she will manage some how. Stop hating and enjoy her. I love the way Bethanny embraces all people & seems to be attracted to the misfits. You don’t see that with any of those awful Bravo housewives. You go Beth..but please go at a slower pace!

    • Anna says:

      Everything you’ve just described is the perfect picture of a very unstable and very sick person! How can you encourage that type of behavior? And how can you think that it is ok to act that way, especially as a mother? She needs some help, and not from her yes person as a therapist that she has now. Although he was purely for the purpose of the show, i’m sure. She is a terrible person, and i cannot believe that Ellen of all people is supporting her! I sure hope that she burns out quickly because i cannot stand the sight of her anymore.

    • Louise Joles says:

      She doesn’t commute, she manipulated Ellen into letting her tape her show in NYC.

  20. TL. says:

    After reading some of your personal comments on Bethany Frankel, I find her real and true of her personality. Someone who has come from a dysfunctional upbringing will act out and vent emotion that sometimes can be a bit overwhelming and bold. Give her some credit that she has turned her resentment and anger to a personal success of her own and YES turning it into a personal empire. That’s why we are here in this forum typing our comments.

    • Louise Joles says:

      She didn’t have a dysfunctional upbringing, that’s just the main victim number she runs.
      I know someone who knew her family. She is pure trash and terrorized her poor mother for years, AND still denounces her to this very day. Oh yeah, Daddy didn’t love her either, but then she slips and says she spent a lot of her youth at the horse track (her father worked there).She also wants the world to feel sorry for her because she had to pay rent. They don’t make a violin big enough for her manufactured woes.

  21. Frenchy says:

    This is the first time I have ever commented on a semi celebrity, but I saw her on the Jimmy Kimmel show and all I could see while looking at her were her fake cheekbones! For crying out loud why would you want to give yourself skeleton cheekbones on top of your obnoxious personality?

  22. lagunamom says:

    She used to be funny but now she takes herself WAY too seriously. She is starting to sound and look like that bitter know-it-all it’s not my fault self-promoter Jill Zarin. I hope her talk show FAILS spectacularly and that Jason dumps her, takes the baby and lives off her paying him spousal support because HE deserves it.

  23. Deborah Jeffries says:

    I absolutely LOVE your blog and I give it two snaps! I’ve blogged about how I cannot stand Bethenny Frankel. Obviously this woman is plagued with insecurities which is why she feels the constant need to bully others and put them down to make her feel better about herself. Who’s she to judge people’s appearances when she was judging models for a fashion show years ago? This woman is to put it plainly, butt ugly. At least if she had a nice personality, you can get past her face but she’s a nasty publicity hound with a face that looks like Lurch from the Addams Family. How Jason can sleep next to her every night baffles me unless it’s for her money.

  24. Deborah Jeffries says:

    I loved the RHONY episode where Kelly Bensimon put Bethenny in her place at a restaurant after she called her Madonna the day before at Jill’s meeting. Kelly said I don’t find you cute, I don’t find you charming this is me (Kelly puts one hand above her head) and this is you (Kelly puts her other hand way down below the other) we don’t talk. I loved it because Kelly told Bethenny she was way beneath her. Bethenny Frankel has no class and she can’t take it when someone fights back against her pitbull nasty looking self. Somebody put a dog biscuit in her mouth PLEASE! Hope her talk show falls.

  25. unhappy says:

    Personally, I don’t know alot about this woman, but I do know that my wife (soon to be ex) started watching her bull shit TV lies and drama and all of the sudden feels like I’m not good enough. after 11 years together. I hope Betheny is happy with her damn money and her stupid ass following of women in this country that need to feel empowered by reality TV to be happy about themselves.


    I don’t think you are this person, but please next time use a different address! That is why you’re comment went to moderation.

  26. Emily H. says:

    I liked her at first, but now she has become a TOTAL sell out! ..and a shameless one at that. Ever noticed how when she’s in a room with OTHER PEOPLE, she CONSTANTLY draws the attention to herself, to the point of being antisocial. Her husband should clue her in to that, but he seems completely spell-bound by her. I also find it odd that Bethenny wants to “empower” women, but felt the need to go out and get a VERY LARGE set of FAKE boobs for herself. That is a total contradiction. Just my thoughts. 🙂

  27. Saea Miles says:

    I just ran across this website – FINALLY, I am among people who see through her BS! Overexposed, I wish for the day that I do not see an ad for one of her bizzilions shows, Bethenny….takes a poo, She is an egomaniac, devious, BTCH. She was so horrible to her castmates ripping them every show to have the most camera time – How can she play the victim and the rabid dog at the same time ? Because she is a crazy and why Ellen Degeneres is backing her I will never understand. Just saw a news clip> they reported the tequila in SG was Gut Rot alcohol, mmm..sounds healthy! Love the posts and great site !!

  28. Shiny Happy says:

    Can’t stand her. Wish Bravo would quit making trash like her into pseudo-celebs. Another one who absolutely sucks is that garbage Tamra Barney.

    • Anna says:

      OMG can we please start a blog about Tamra Barney? She is absolutely disgusting! Why do we watch these shows that play women to be so uneducated and nasty. She is the real villain these days and we should let it be known that we are not interested!

  29. Kisu says:

    I used to really like her,but after this season Im not so sure.Firstly,shes nominating people on her payroll as Godmother and her makeup artist to look after her beautiful daughter if anything happens to herself and her husband,what about her best friend who was matron of honour at her wedding?The one whose family took her in when she was fifteen and had nowhere to go?What about her?Or one of her long standing girlfriends?Then she spends a fortune renovating a big New York apartment only to accept the most agenda pushing job I can think of…her own talkshow.She never slows down and it seems to affect her family,can they ever feel settled?Why is it always about her?For someone who claims to have never had a feeling of family,shes doing her best to jeopardize the one she has now….all she seems to talk about now is how she was on the cover of Forbes and her business ventures,dont tell me Jasons parents arent secretly mortified he married such a woman…..

    • Emily says:

      I agree!!!! ..and Jason’s parents HAVE to be wondering how long Jason will be able to take this. I think Jason tries to do the right thing, for the most part, but her narcissism would grate on even the strongest man. I feel sorry for Jason’s parents b/c I think Bethenny does a good job of keeping them from HER daughter. I remember watching her on her reality show, giving Jason grief for keeping them so close. She seems like a divide and conquer type.

  30. tml says:

    I read your comment , and I couldn”t agree with you more. Fame and Fortune has taken over her somewhat MODEST EGO…..??? LOL….. Bethenny needs to step back before Jason steps back and says I had enough. But then again, Jason may just be enjoying the ride…… His parents are a delight and I’m sure Bethenny has showed them who SHE really is…………. But the money is good….????? Her daughtor is BEAUTIFUL and such a Precious Child….

  31. tml says:

    Hi again, So….?? As I said again, Jason is SOOOOOO PATIENT …………How much more is he going to ride the crazy train????? I think he is too TRADITIONAL for her. Jason should put his foot down and let Bethenny realize even though she is making STAR MONEY, he still has verbal input on their personal lives and the people around them.

  32. oscie21 says:

    Um…..you have pics of her plastered all over this site, but where is YOUR picture??? You have the nerve to post pics that we all have of ourselves (being silly, without make-up, etc.) but where are the not-so-becoming shots of you?? Also, you need an editor for this site, as your English is atrocious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get a freaking life!!!!

  33. Kitty baker says:

    Someone let Ellen know she has too much class to have such a self centered person on her show as this nausauating Bethenney person

  34. faye says:

    I don’t dislike bethenny, but then again I can totally understand how she rubs people up the wrong way. I think what is most interesting about this blog, is how someone can create a site, with only one aim, which is to verbally bash another person. Calling someone, nasty, vile, even comments about her physical characteristics. By saying you hate these qualities in her but then create a ‘hate site’ is so hypocritical to me. I just dont get it. I think you have to have deep rooted issues yourself and way too much time t

    • Emily says:

      This is a forum for people to vent about what the media has been shoving down our throats for years. What seems to be trending is very confusing and annoying for a lot of people. Free speech is what allows all who have commented here, the RIGHT to be heard. Your comment suggest we should either censor ourselves and/or our thoughts. Sweetie, you are wrong! If you don’t happen to agree with this site, you are under no obligation to torture yourself by reading all the “garbage”. …..but implying we should refrain from venting and even going so far as to tell the people who have commented on this site, that they have deep-rooted issues…is a bit much. Good luck to you.

  35. JustMeBeingMe says:

    She is a very annoying woman. Her voice to me sounds like nails on a chalkboard. She supposedly donated $50K to Hurricane Sandy victims. If in fact she did donate that amount why advertise it? Oh well it’s Bethenny Frankel….she needs all the publicity she can get. What a fame hungry anorexic. She should consider changing her name to KARDASHIAN???

  36. Loriblue says:

    How sad I feel for you that this is your reason to wake up in the morning. That your only hobby is carving up somebody’s personality is heartbreaking to me. Dale Carnegie said a true test was to imagine how many people would attend your funeral.Go on, i dare you, picture how many would attend yours against how many would attend Beths you are very sad and i feel very sorry for you.

    • ddee says:

      I’m with you Loriblue just skim read all the venomous posts ,to each posts author and the “entrepeneur of this site” …..remember point your finger at someone there’s four pointing back at you…..look in the mirror

  37. tml says:

    It wasn’t me who wrote those comments………..

  38. emily H. says:

    Nobody is forcing you to visit this site, and read all the posts!!!

  39. Viva says:

    Ms. Frankel’s focus is and always will be Ms. Frankel. What Jason has done for the love of a child, Bryn is the indicator of a true parent. Ms. Frankel has been in therapy for how long? Ms. Frankel has consistently from day one on reality tv demonstrated unstable behavior borderling on a severe mental illness. I hope the divorce Judge really investigates and seeks what is truly best for Bryn. I cannot imagine what Ms. Frankel must be like off camera! She could not even maturely come to terms with either of her parents, employees or even friends. Obviously to be in therapy for such a tremendous length of time is a true indicator that you have always been a failure at life. Give Bryn a chance in this tough life. Just once, stop being so selfish.

    Ms. Frankel should continue her self absorbption on herself and let Jason and Bryn live their lives in peace. Be a true parent–Ms. Frankel you could really provide what is best for Bryn…a stable and healthy life with her beloved Father, Jason. You do not have, nor does it appear you ever will.

  40. Amber says:

    I used to like her too on NY Housewives, and I actually really liked her margarita. But, she was just so self-absorbed on her own Bravo shows and you couldn’t help but feel bad for her husband.

    And now, the fact that she’s asking him to pay for her own dental and medical stuff? And asking for full custoday? She’s just not a very good person.

  41. tml says:

    Just to respond to the latest loathing of Bethneny Frankel….I’ve been home from work with the flu for the last three days and while vegging and channel surfing, I came across an old TV segment of Bethneny ever after in Aspen,Co. — after watching this segment again, I realize Bethneny is really self absorbed and totally disrespectable to Jason and their marriage. I feel for Jason, I hope Jason finds someone who is down to earth and totally into the Traditional Vow’s of what a marriage should be. He deserves this more than any man in this position. BUT……. when LARGE SUMS OF MONEY ARE INVOLVED, WHO’S TO SAY IS GENUINE IN ANY OF THIS SATIRE. Jason, find a girl, settle down in Westchester, NY. and have many children, YOU DESERVE THIS………..

  42. Eve says:

    This site is hysterical & fabulously entertaining! Good job!

  43. Eve says:

    I’m still laughing! Thank you!!!!!

  44. Debra Hall says:

    I always liked Bethany, but I cannot understand for the life of me WHY she would want to divorce the ONLY person who keeps her in any way grounded to earth! She complains about her mother but she is acting the same way. Jason Hoppy was the best thing that ever happened to her. For bryn’s sake I hope Jason gets custody !!!

  45. sales tools says:

    What’s up mates, good piece of writing and pleasant arguments commented here, I am genuinely enjoying by these.

    • S.J. Matteo says:

      I hope Jason Gets custody as well .
      I think Bethanny needs to shut up sit down and take a long look.
      Honestly what advise does she really have ? Shes selfish , she had a good man and couldnt even see it .
      With her bickering and bs she reduced him into something hes not .
      Watch him with his child and you can see what a good man he is , she’ll NEVER find another .
      So what inb the hell advise does she have?

  46. tml says:

    I agree, She will never find another GOOD MAN. What’s sad, its all about Money and Fame. I worry for the daughtor.

    • Louise Joles says:

      Yes, and I can’t help but wonder if she will hold the fact that Bryn looks exactly like Jason against her at some point. I’m sure her inflated ego would have loved to have given birth to a mini Bethenny

  47. Pookapocka says:

    I was so glad to find this site! I can’t stand that woman and can’t see how anyone does! She must pay Ellen to pretend to like her. Ellen is so real and Bethanny is so fake, there can’t possibly be a real friendship there.

  48. valerie kizser says:

    she just messed up Jason’s life!!! how could you bethenny? and then treat his parents like crap! crying b/c he gave u a birthday party? you are bipolar and stupid…get your life! (tamar) LOL

  49. BF H8ter says:

    1. She is extremely unattractive…actually kinda scary creature looks.
    2. She has more baggage than American Tourister
    3. Every one of her “problems” are just rich white chick problems.
    4. Her whiney voice is worse than nails on a chalkboard.
    5. If it wasn’t for the trash TV show, she’d still be single and unknown.
    6. She has no lips.
    7. She only got married to get a child…with her money she needs / deserves no one.
    8. Jason still has the chance to make a nice life for himself. She was evil to him.

  50. Linda Ferrick says:

    Thank you to the person that started this website! I can’t stand ONE more reason from Bethenny of why it wasn’t her fault the marriage didn’t work. She seems to be the most miserable person walking this earth. She wouldn’t know what a good husband looks like “because she had one and threw it away”. Honestly Jason you are lucky that you are rid of her!! You paid some heavy dues being married to her. Now you can go find a nice girl who will appreciate you! Bethenny please just go away. Oh and I hope your new talk show doesn’t make it!!!!!

    • Elise says:

      Jason is indeed blessed to be rid of Bethenny…..but honestly he did not get to know her long enough to see through her the way we, as women do so well.
      “They” got pregnant and the rest is history…..unfortunately Jason will never truly be rid of Bethenny since they are both parents to Bryn.
      I hope Jason meets a more suitable woman who genuinely appreciates his attributes.
      I can only hope that Bethenny gets what she deserves……the royal hook ! as
      regards her obnoxious talk show ! Time will tell, as the ratings tell it all.

  51. K says:

    This blog makes my life

  52. Chuck Hurst says:

    It’s minimum.

    Why these people are ‘famous’ is beyond me. Who gives a rat’s ass about these fkn losers.
    If you do, you are one sad MF. Get a life.

  53. Chuck Hurst says:

    PS. I am gay

    Like really really gay. I’m married to a half black woman that I can’t stand. Fkn alcohol.

  54. Zuddie says:

    Just want to say , i recently read where Bethenny said she got out of her marriage because it made her feel damaged , lol , ya think so Bethenny , she didnt like it when Jason held the mirror up , lol.

  55. NotABethennyFan says:

    Can’t tell you how happy I was to find other people who think the same thing I do about Bethenny Frankel. I feel very sorry for her daughter and soon to be ex-husband for being dragged into her sad, sorry life. Also, what is the deal with Ellen? Does she have some kind of financial interest in Bethenny’s new talk show? I have completely lost all respect for Ellen the way she completely fawns over this over-rated, over-exposed nobody.

  56. Colin Brown says:

    In response to your thoughts about Ellen De Generes’ constant soothing of Bethenny :
    Yes. Ellen DeGeneres is the backer and producer of Bethenny’s new talk show returning soon to TV. Frankly, I hope she and Kris Jenner both tank. I’m sick of looking and listening to them and their ” ME…MY…..MINE.” Let’s give a shout out to somebody who really gives a damn, and matters……..Angelina Jolie.


  57. Julie says:

    I love Ellen but won’t watch if Bethenny is on it. She’s just an idiot. She also looks and act like she has an eating disorder.

  58. Mia says:

    I hate Behanny Frankel she is phoney, selfish and I believe she married her husband just to have a baby and never really loved him or planned on staying married. I never watched any of her shows and I never will! I would rather stare at a blank wall than to watch her.

  59. Amanda says:


    I recently had the pleasure of doing a promotional event for talk show in the D.C. area. I work for an agency as a brand ambassador. She was a horrific person to work for. Horrific. We were provided dresses to wear, we were not asked measurements, it was just bizarre. I assumed like the others since they were provided the best bet would be the dresses would be on a S,M,L scale. Nope. Choices: 0-2-4. This was NOT a modeling agency, I am not a model. Basically we were told, if you don’t fit into the dress a: buy spanx and if that doesn’t help then b: go home. I was mortified. I fit into the dress but was incredibly uncomfortable. What was astonishing to me is that most of the people at the event were middle-aged medium-large sized women. I, like many others, liked her when she was on the RHONYC and really, really liked Jason Hoppy. I attempted to tweet about the event but was asked to take it down.

  60. linda gregory says:

    what was the dc show. hers?

  61. Leo says:

    I can’t stand her either and all she does is play the victim when she’s the one who instigates most of her own pain.

    She wants to be miserable and wants everyone else around her to feel the same way. She is deeply troubled and it shows by her actions and no amount of money is going to make her a classy and loving human being.

    She wants to be Martha Stewart so bad, but she forgets there is only one and at least she is likeable. Dude should have never married her in the first place because he didn’t realize that he couldn’t fix the broken.

    • Louise Joles says:

      She had the nerve to bash Martha after she was on the show. She actually smirked to the audience that she would not lunch with Martha nor did she care to. Martha has more class in her toenail clipping than Bethenny could ever aspire to.

  62. Robin says:

    You said it All… The woman’s a money hungry creep and has never deserved the family that is soon to be gone.!!!
    I feel so bad for Jason and baby Bryn. I stopped watching her two years ago. What defines a successful woman? Not Bethanny Frankel that’s for sure..
    she’s a fake, phony, bulimic.

  63. mike d says:

    I can’t stand the site of her! They replaced Anderson Live here with this egomaniac. Who makes these God awful decisions? Oh Yeah, Ellen. The biggest narcissistic egomaniac on TV.

  64. Dian says:


  65. Greg Murphy says:

    Beth is a degenerate alcoholic whos made alot of money being the postergirl for, (
    (DONT DO THAT). Ugly, boney, annoying contrarian. Worst of all, unoriginal. Behaving like a college freshman at her first keg party is her whole shtik. Typical kike spoiled bitch. Not shocking Bethany, BORING

  66. Kate says:

    Who is this person? She just suddenly appeared on TV on an awful daytime talk show and she seems insufferable. She appears to be an underfed, botoxed person who presents the most mundane topics.

  67. Ashley says:

    I think her show is a joke…
    She does not seem genuine nor does she come across like she cares at all about the people she brings on her show or the topics she discusses…
    Worst talk show I’ve ever seen by far!!! I really can’t wait for it to stop!!!!
    In order for you to host a show you have to talk so that

    1-people can understand you and…
    2-respond accordingly to what they say…instead of interrupting them and pushing YOUR opinions…
    I think this women is stuck up herself and has no place on television.

  68. Lala says:

    I am not one of those people who go around hating other people, but I can’t stand bethenny! She is annoying and flighty! I change the channel after Ellen! I try to watch every once in a while, but I cannot watch it all the way thru! The concepts to every show are conceited and repetitive to the point that it’s boring to people of average intelligence.

  69. Samantha says:

    The thing that struck me as strange about her TV show is the way people weren’t allowed to find it and become fans. From the first episode, its creators tried to make it seem like like an appointment-television show that had been on for years, and had a huge fan base. Last week I saw an audience member hug Frankel four times in the course of an approximately 90 second mini-interview. It was sloppy and just plain weird.

  70. Samantha says:

    This just in from my Too Much Time on My Hands Department:

    I think that Bethenny, her husband, and in-laws suffer from RCS – Replacement Child Syndrome. Her in-laws lost their son, and, in my humble opinion, mourned the loss in a way that made their son, Jason, feel too responsible for helping them deal with their grief. Jason’s having to take care of his parents didn’t leave him the time or space for his own grief, to mourn his brother.

    Bethenny comes along with her perfect-family fantasies. She honors the deceased brother at her wedding. She names the new baby after the deceased brother (which is common in families with RCS).

    Sitting in the car, bringing his newborn Bryn home from the hospital, Jason cries – why? Because, he explains, having a baby makes him understand his parents’ loss even more. The poor man can’t even enjoy bringing home his only child without first going to his parent’s grief. There he sits, with a baby named after his deceased brother, crying over his parents. What’s wrong with this picture?

    As much as I dislike the lady, I think everyone, in that situation, including Bethenny, was used. Bethenny was sort of a baby maker for a grieving family. (Did you ever get a good look at her mother-in-law’s eyes? Once that pregnancy was announced, her eyes – well – let’s not start anything). Jason’s parents projected a lot of their grief onto Jason. In a funny way, they were able to move on with their lives a little more than Jason did, because they deposited the rawest grief with him. Bethenny used Jason and marriage as a cure-all, calling herself “damaged” and all of those other miserable labels she uses on herself. Jason hit the dating scene with more empathy and sympathy than one finds in the average self-centered guy, and this made him appear to be a “great guy”, a mensch, a feeling person, when he was really a grieving person, looking for a way out from under the burden of emotions his parents placed on him. Finally, he might have been fascinated with a woman who was estranged (free!) from her family.

    So they finally settle down and try to make it work and ka-boom! Who is this sad man who feels he can’t measure up? Who is this woman who expects her every emotion to be understood by the great guy? Who are these parents who want so much time with their granddaughter? Why are they so adept at nurturing her and ignoring the burden they placed on their son?

    And how much money do you need? How much is enough to make you stop running around breathlessly, talking about how busy you are, how there aren’t enough hours in the day, how you wish you had more time, how necessary it is to “have it all”, but how impossible it is, yakkity, yak yak.

    As I said, this was from our Too Much Time on My Hands Department, in conjunction with our I Know Everything department.

  71. Louise Joles says:

    I resent the fact that on Fridays’ show, Bethenny told a barefaced lie when she said the show is doing well. The show is not doing well when you are #14 out of 18 in the ratings. She also lied when she claims to come from a place of YES but wouldn’t accept a truce from Omarosa.

  72. Prisiclla Sparrow says:

    What was Ellen thinking? It makes me question Ellen completely.

    • Louise Joles says:

      I think Ellen thought because of the moderate success Bethenny has had, she would be a fairly safe risk. Also, don’t forget, Ellen likes women and Bethenny probably turned on the charm. I don’t think Portia has anything to worry about though. After B crashes and burns Ellen will be done with her.

  73. Tony says:

    She is so transparent and has all the signs of being a SOCIOPATH… Her own mother called her out that says a lot. So fake all about power and money. I wonder how many people got f’ed over for her to get where she is. She should go into acting cause she is very good at that ecspecially her fake tears on Ellen.

    • Jacey dean says:

      I have done a a great deal if research of narcissists , sociopaths and personality disorders . I have noticed she has the traits if a narcissist which is the worst kind of sociopath . It makes me sick that with all the truly talented people in the wold she has a talk show . Not much of a talk show when it’s really just a platform for this self absorbed cow to talk talk talk talk all about her self and make her dopey facial contractions .

  74. Debra Hall says:

    Jason Hoppy is the best thing that EVER happened to her!!! He should get full custody of bryn. That would be the best thing that could happen to her. She has a nanny and does not spend much time with her. Jason would be the better parent with better values.

  75. Peter Griffin says:

    Bethenny Frankel has a huge dick, that is all.

  76. cesteen04 says:

    SO Glad that I found Your blog. I have been talking to myself about frankel’s “talk show”. OMG – IT’S REPULSIVE ! The WORST show of all time. THIS woman is one sick – mentally ill person and needs lots of help. Thanks for all the comments that support how I feel. Whew…..

  77. Leeanne says:

    I didn’t really know who Bethenny was until a few months before her show and when I saw the first 2 episodes I was annoyed and vowed not to watch it but about a month later I accidentally stumbled upon her show again and found myself loving it. Whatever it was that annoyed me…her voice, her lack of empathy, was gone. I think she just had to get used to having a talkshow and iron out the flaws. I now find he more willing to listen, she’s fun and relates to women and men well. I realized that she was new and just needed to be given a chance to get used to this new, professional endeavor. I am now a HUGE FAN and I wish her the best. I’m just glad she was given a break or we would have missed out on a great tv personality.
    PS what really turned it around for me was how people would go on her show and be incredibly rude to her and instead or retaliating she would let them have their say and rise above it. How could we not admire someone like that? Martha Stewart and Omorosa were the worst. Go Bethenny!

  78. Leeanne says:

    I disagree. The show got of to a bad start. It WAS sleazy and immature but she turned it around. She comes across as sincere. Even when the show was bad, her sincerity came through. I’m curious; are the people on this site who hate her still watching? If not, you might be surprised how much better her show is now.

    • Greg Murphy says:

      Shut ur sluntlovin mouth retard !

    • cesteen04 says:

      We will have to agree to disagree, Leanne because You are NOT going to change my mind. Her show continues to be TRASH, TRASH, TRASH . How can you say that she is “sincere” when she interrupts her “guest” ALL OF THE TIME and turns the topic to her narcissistic self – ALL THE TIME !!! . She is So ANNOYING AND CREEPY.

      • Leeanne says:

        I’m not trying to change your mind. I was just wondering if any of the people who hate her have seen the new episodes.

  79. Greg Murphy says:

    Beth is an N L. Feel sorry 4 that bastard baby of hers

  80. Mike A says:

    I can’t even watch her. She seems “spased out” like she is wired on way, way too much caffeine, or some kind of stimulant. I can just see it in her eyes. Something is not right.

    • cesteen04 says:

      I know what You mean, Mike. She flies across the set showing off what she thinks (in her mind) is her cuteness when in fact, she’s disgusting and it is a display of her narcissistic behavior. Something is NOT right for sure. She is mentally deranged and anorexic .

  81. Mike A says:

    I know what you mean.
    They replaced Anderson Cooper Live (I know he was cancelled) time slot here with her show. I would always watch Anderson when I had the chance. I will never watch her. In fact I can’t believe they would cancel ACL and give her a show. His show was much better. I hope she gets cancelled soon. I blame it on Ellen DeGeneres. I used to like Ellen years ago when she was “humble” now she has become narcissistic and full of herself also.

  82. Leanna P. says:

    I feel the same way that everybody feels. I really despise this bitch . Bethenny is a total hypocrite and she is rude, this is no lie I actually know somebody that works at that tracy Anderson fitness place in Tribeca , New York. My friend is a personal trainer there and she told me that she had to train bethenny one time and she said that the bug eyed bitch was rude and bossy and bethenny also jilted and bumped into my friend and didn’t say excuse me. Also that lame ass show that she has is a joke, I also hope that it gets cancelled. I think that bethenny hates anybody who’s a competition for her, she doesn’t like Teresa giudice and she doesn’t like lisa vanderpump who happen to be the best housewives to ever grace the bravo cameras. both of them are just as successful as she is and more likeable !! I have heard bethenny say negative things about both of them. I am also very happy that Jason got away from this nut job, she used him to get a child and that’s that……………

  83. Jacey dean says:

    I have not read anything on here yet but I am looking forward to it . I knew I could not be the only person that feels everything about bethenny from her pearling way to loud voice to her to her self absorbed demeanor more annoying then nails on a chalkboard . That excuse for a talk show is an insult to the intelligence of anyone who turns on a television . Everything about her makes me sick . She is an attention seeking clown with nothing to talk about outside her self . Hey BET HENNY ! In case your not aware there is more going on in the world then your appearance on dancing with stars , your fake reality T.V house wives 15 seconds if fame that is so over , your insulting brand “skinny Girl” your divorce , your kid . You thrive on conflict . You cut your guests off and talk over them , you make the worst facial contractions and you struggle to pretend to listen so bad your mouth hangs open like mouth breather . I will stop here so I can read some of what others have to say on here . Thanks for creating this blog . There is no one on television that turns my stomach more then Barfhenny .

    • Jacey dean says:

      Sorry for the typos 🙂

      • cesteen04 says:

        Totally Agree with all you said, Jacey. Anyone wanting to have some fun, come join a few of us on her “Bethenny” tv site. I swear the average posters has an I.Q. of maybe 50 – Max. So uneducated and low life. She’s so sleazy promoting copy-cat crappy items to these stupid moronic pathetic “fans”.

  84. cesteen04 says:

    Did this site move to a different blog/forum or has it fizzled out to a few posters ?????

  85. Bill Bottoms says:

    Bethenny is nothing more than living proof that our culture is bottoming out. That this no talent has a TV show is a wonder. She is a terrible interviewer. She doesn’t seem like she is even a nice person. I guess she is supposed to be kind of good looking. Her cheekbones look like they are implants and she is, at best, OK looking. She might be cute when she gets dressed up to go out but she’s nothing special. I’m not hating on the woman. I just don’t understand why she has a following at all. She looks like every self absorbed, middle-aged JAP yenta I see walking around in the North Shore suburbs of Chicago. “Oh enough about me, let’s talk about my therapist”.

  86. Helenna says:

    I hate Bettheny because she seems fake a lot, even the way she speaks, trying to make her look/sound smart! Especially hate her pointless and stupid business advices or when she tells young girls what / how to do, so idiotic… its my only opinion, i find her show boring and waste of time… just another Fake person… When i watched her show few times (when nothing else on tv) i felt like Bettheny made her audience listen to her and only her, like she knows everything, come on…. seriously, she has nothing to offer, the show is just a shame… feel sorry for her, her empty talking and her show sux….
    thanks for this blog, glad im not alone

  87. cesteen04 says:

    We won’t have to see her DISGRACEFUL stupidity any more on Prime Time. Her show has been cancelled. Not renewed for the 2nd Season. THANK YOU, LORD !!!!

  88. Melissa says:

    I just found this post on Bethenny and it’s awesome.
    stick a fork in bethenny she is done http://www.realitytvscandals.com/?p=649

  89. chavez says:

    I wish I could hit “like” to 99% of the posts here! Its my job to quality control the show,s satellite feed so I have to watch it every single god forsaken day as soon asi heard she was cancelled it was like hearing that war is over enjoy obscurity bethenny , the rest of us will enjoy it for you

  90. chavez says:

    May she have to live out her days watching reruns of this p.o.s.

    • cesteen04 says:

      Chavez – Can you explain to me what you had to do. What is a quality controller of the show’s satellite feed do ? Just wondering ?
      And hopefully Ellen has learned her lesson. I think she was pressured by that twerp, andy cohen, from the skanky bravo network to give this no talent, nasty, mean, hateful wench a show. What was she thinking ?
      And as far as her watching her own show, she will because she is extremely narcissistic. Thank God, I don’t have to see her “commercials” after May.

  91. chavez says:

    I hope that ellen, who is a talent,has learned her lesson

  92. Leeanne says:

    I think she’ll be back!

  93. Beckster says:

    I hate Bethenny too, but didn’t used to. I believed in her claims that she wanted to help the entrepreneurs who have an idea about a new invention. I have one and wrote to her show via her web site about her show and received no answer at all. I thought maybe I didn’t send it right, etc., and wrote a second time about the same thing. I could understand if they didn’t think my idea was good enough, marketable, etc., but absolutely no answers at all. I didn’t expect her to personally answer me, but her people that run her site could have at least said they were not interested, but thank you for contacting us or something like that. No. I am too insignificant to even get a polite No Thank You. That’s when I realized how phony she is.

    • Samantha says:

      You remind me of that famous incident in “Oprah’s Book Club”. Oprah showcased authors who had been published for the first time. However, she invited back only one author to plug his second book. Why? She said he was the only author who had written her a thank you note.

      Without what little audience interest the “Bethenny” show had, it would have been even more embarrassing than it was. Your request could have easily been acknowledged with a polite auto response, at least.

  94. Beckster says:

    I just posted a comment and meant every word. I thought she meant it when she said she tries to help the new entrepreneurs because she used to be one of us. What a PHONY!

  95. Samantha says:

    Ah, the sound of that cancellation! It’s like the day after the construction site next door finishes for good. The screech of the drills, the buzz of the saws – all gone. Best of all, all of that goofy, unmusical right-on-the-beat clapping. BAM! BAM! BAM! “Calling all my girls, BAM! BAM! BAM!” That audience was about as hip as a Ladies Home Journal, circa 1961.

  96. J Smith says:

    Just wanna say I am waiting for the supposed end to her incredibly annoying series. Please!!! I heard it was cancelled, but it just seems to go on and on. I see no reason for tacky, sleazy, loud and obnoxious behavior to be rewarded. I have never, and will never lower myself to watch ANY ‘Housewives of whatever’, I prefer my brain cells to remain in my head, not oozing out of my ears. Legitimizing any of these women by making their insanity and horrible examples somehow mainstream is a perfect example if the downfall of our society. GO AWAY BETHENNY!!!

  97. chavez says:

    She is and always will be a c¥%t

  98. Trish says:

    Bethenny is such an asshole. Yuck.

  99. Peggy Richardson says:

    I do not understand how she ever got “famous” or “infamous”. Just like that horrible, ugly, obnoxious person Julianne Rancic.

  100. Donna says:

    Bethenny’s voice is so hard on my ears. It’s pitchy. And she is whining tonight. Boo hoo I don’t have any place to live. Tried Skinny Girl once /// awful.

  101. Brooke says:


  102. Treva lewis says:

    How sad anyone would think Jason should get that apt or any of her money. What was the pre nup for? He’s the one being selfish. She’s worked for that co, it was her ideal.y’all are just jealous haters!

  103. It’s pretty bad when you have a website dedicated to people who hate you! It’s awesome. She is a two-faced anorexic cu$t. Will never watch her on anything.

  104. meggankitty says:

    I totally get your feelings about her behavior, etc. I used to be a fan. Not so much now. However, just some constructive criticism, I would maybe tweak the name of your blog. “Hate” is such a strong word and it might not reflect well on you as the author (even if you’re the nicest person in the world). Just my two cents. Not sure if anyone else agrees.

  105. You might change it to “Bethenny Frankel Makes Me Gag”

  106. sellorbuy1 says:

    hate is perfect if you want to start your own blog about bethenyieam pr bethenyisapip feel free

    • sellorbuy1 says:

      worked hard? she has no talent she went on a realiy show as they all do and tried to parlay that skinny girl is a terrible name for regular people shes anorexic her poor child will never turn out well adjusted shes an arrogant loud bitch jason is a saint jealous?

  107. truthiness says:

    Bethany’s voice is sooo irritating. She’s interviewing Andy Cohen right now but Andy can hardly get a word in edge wise. Her voice sounds like nails on a chalkboard. Horrible. Can’t believe they gave her a talk show before. She also likes to talk about herself a lot. Can’t stand her.

  108. Jen says:

    I don’t want to hate anyone, but Bethenny is the worst kind of human being. Apparently it is due to her awful childhood, but if she knows that then do something about it. She is so obviously insecure and a bully at the same time. I vow right now to never but skinny brand anything and will encourage others to do the same. She treats people in a disgusting way. She tries to act smart and strong and she is the furthest thing from either. She has no friends and isn’t making any, I think she is incapable. Who would want to be around her? The only people who are around her are paid to do so. I feel most sorry for her daughter. Hopeless.

  109. Call it like i see it.. my humble opinon says:

    Once upon of time, i liked Beth (not addressing her by full name – she LOVES that!) however, my opinion changed – definitely not hate – it’s more disgust with compassion for the miserable soul. Beth loves to play the victim – the underdog. She loves to manipulate people in feeling sorry for her – she feeds off the sympathy from those she wants something from or can be of some use. She draws people in to do her bidding as she is so insecure, self-loathing, and “broken” she doesn’t believe people can just like HER/want to help HER. She must have learned this tactic at a very young age and it has served her well. It’s obvious she is completely unaware of her own behavior – fake therapy sessions will never help.
    The phrase “Go through People” comes to mind as well. She goes through people like she changes her underwear. For example, aside from some people think of Kristin on RHNY; Beth will have nothing to do with her – why – because she needs nothing from her. No reason to know her. she shuts her down so quickly because “I don’t need to know or have room for new people” (however she said it). It also can be insecurity not for Kristin’s beauty but because Kristin is self assured and knows who she is. who knows .. thinking out loud
    Although, she will carry on a conversation with her husband..hmmmm.. now, he may serve a purpose- he is business savvy- put him in her back pocket for now.
    She was forced to make amends with Heather, she realized that she was becoming the “problem child” in the group – bad for branding – and she knows she could be the next Jill Zarin. So, she is forced to back peddle and fast.

    What I find so disgusting, she starts crap with everyone: she either ignores, hurl insults, be extremely rude and crass…list goes on.. Then turns around and becomes this crying, pitiful, deeply sadden soul who feels so underserving of love and comfort. It is so frustrating to watch and I can go on.
    It’s not funny – it’s not entertaining – it’s disgusting.

    What I wish for Beth: take her millions and go away – immerse herself into some deep psychotherapy and really come to terms with her past. She is saying all the right things – self awareness is the start – but she is not there yet. More work is needed but not on TV.

    DO IT FOR YOUR DAUGHTER – IF NOT FOR YOURSELF! My heart goes out to Bryn. I hope Beth breaks the cycle of dysfunction and use the lessons learned from her past to do so. If not, Mr.Hoppy should get full custody as she is clearly unfit to be a mother.

    If what we see on TV is any indication who she is – I can only imagine how she is behind closed doors. That is a very scary thought.

  110. Rebecca says:

    I think Bethenny Franklin thinks she’s hot shit. I literally had to google that bitc*es name because she’s that unimportant. She brings nothing to the table except when she’s crying, giving herself her only pity party… Which SOME people fall for her BS.

    Yeah, you lived a tough life, and so has millions of others… But, that should have made you more understanding of people like Heather. She was trying to befriend you and be sweet, but no, you had to make it ALL about you act as you were the victim. You’re a pathetic chihuahua with a bark and no bite. You’re my least favorite charcter on this show, wish you would have never returned to this season… You are a miserable, crusty old hag. Do all viewers a favor and get off the show!

  111. Vai says:

    Please Bethenny please just go away!

  112. Vai says:

    Someone please create a blog to ban her from the show and all of her junk products ! I beg you, please.

  113. Scohen@sac.com says:

    Bethany is a horrible mother to her daughter. Bree will grow up to hate her. I am a parent at Bree’s school. So I know!

  114. sellorbuy1 says:

    of course she pays for press and twitter followers a lot of no talents do how is she a bad mother?

  115. MeganD says:

    Trying to watch the Bethany Getting Married? season and she’s so terrible. She has got to be embarrassed for herself.

  116. Paddington says:

    I didn’t watch her talk show so I forgot how annoying she is until she came back on the rhony. Her voice and her attitude is right up there with the Kardashians😵. When is their time in the spotlight over already. Isn’t anyone ready for the next batch of no talent annoying obnoxious people/person to become obsessed with 😈

  117. J dougherty says:

    Bethenney is a mean unhappy person, nothing will ever make her happy! She is so full of herself that it leaves no room for others..
    Carole is afraid of her , Heather would like to be her , and Kristin doesn’t know what she thinks of her!

  118. bethennyfrankle kills ratings says:

    bethenny is a user among many many many unlikeable traits. she used so many to get ahead (including jill to get on the show. luann, jason and others to make her business. she owes luann because without luann she would not have skinny girl), and to make connections. jill zarin has her flaws but she was used by bethenny to get ahead and make herself the “victim”. there’s a reason andy became (the guy who used to be in charge of everything at bravo) her bff. that certainly helped with filming wouldn’t you say…that certainly helped with who got the shaft and who got the more favorable light. her only problem is she should have never left RHONY to get her own show. they couldn’t deflect from her true personality then. it was impossible there was no one in that situation to make a new person the “evil one” next to beth’s poor me i am a “victim”. not with the crap she was pulling on jason and his parent, heck everyone around her got biotched at. i saw thru her bs real quick on rhony and i kept screaming at jill to cut her loose. jill with her flaws played right into beth’s and andy (producers) hands. talk about back stabbing someone that helped you out all for fame and money.

    now on to today. there’s a reason jason is gone. no one really wants anything to do with her that has been a cast member on the shows when they are not filming. heck, jill even extended a hand more than once to beth and was polite about their past problems, even taking some blame, when asked recently on andy’s bravo talk show. what does beth do? play the victim and act nasty. that’s some class act there!

  119. south africa says:

    ego bitch frankl is arrogant if she thinks anyone likes her. Completly turn into her mother. Flossing her money to make things worse. I hope she feels good about her self. Bravo!

  120. Ted says:

    I am dumb founded that people like her. She is such a bully.

  121. Ashton says:

    Can’t stand anything about her! Eats and chews disgusting. Totally rude, classless, no manners, no boundaries and total exhibitionist. How has she been able to get where she is?

  122. Jamie says:

    Bethany Frankel is a big bully!! Why is that necessary?? I think she is just insecure and wants to come off tough!

  123. Jamie says:

    Bethany Frankel is a big bully!! Why is that necessary?? I think she is just insecure and wants to come off tough! I have never commented on any celebrity before. Bethany is a mean girl. No excuses of her past. Take her off the air now!

  124. Gdafrench says:

    Bethenny Frankle has forgot who she is, like u just want to tell her to shut the hell up, she don’t have to state her OPINION ALL THE TIME. No one cares what she thinks really.believe that. No reason to comment on or about everything and everybody. The girls have plenty of opinions about you but they also have a lil class n loyalty which u r loyal to NO ONE. It is not an excuse because u r Bethenny Frankel to b the rude bitch you are. It don’t make good tv like u think.

  125. Alice Valsecchi says:

    I agree, I can not deal with Bethany and her over the top behavior, she is a seriously messed up person who thinks her stuff doesn’t stink or drink…really literally, she makes me cringe with everything about her. Real Housewives of New York is off my watch list BECAUSE OF BETHANY, why,why did they bring her back?

  126. E M says:

    This is the first time I have sat and watch a few of the new episodes. Well, I have never watched any old ones. I know her name because of gossip mags, and saw her on Watch What Happens…and I got an instate HATE for that woman. She is horrible!!! She is loud, obnoxious, and TRULY thinks she is the most amazing person in the world. Glad this blog was here, because I felt like starting one. What a horrible human. I will never watch any show with her on it again, ever.

  127. Cortland says:

    I’m watching real housewives of NYC as I’m exercising. I’m horrified by that woman’s behavior! How could she be ok with the world seeing her act like that. It’s not attractive, not cute, not human! Horrible!!

  128. Kyle says:

    This woman is disgusting! I can’t stand her, I want someone to shoot her off her horse! And say yah, bitch this is your life! She is gross! Karma is going to hit this ugly bitch in the head! Just like her parents did, angry bitch!

  129. James McDougal says:

    I had to stop watching RHONY because of her. She is so incredibly mean and tries to disguise it as honesty. Very insecure and tries way too hard to go to the opposite extreme to hide it but it’s so obvious. Jealous of everyone. Hateful. Talks over everyone. Doesn’t give a shit about anyone. Feel really sorry for her child and ex who has to deal with her. Just a really disgusting soul who thinks she’s above everyone, when she’s really way beneath everyone for judging them so harshly. Anyone who sits in judgment as much as she does, is miserable inside and looking to find fault with everyone else so she can feel better. The world would be better without her.

    • Stella says:

      I agree that she is nasty…except the world being better without her….wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

    • Lori says:

      James, you are awesome. You nailed it. Bethenny tries to cover her mean, ugly words by claiming she’s just “honest.” She is awful.

  130. James McDougal says:

    ps: also the least funny person on the planet

  131. Karen says:

    Can you imagine how horrible it would be to be married to this woman!!

  132. Kat bray says:

    I hate Bethany Frankel. She’s is the most moronic hypocrite I’ve ever seen in my life. Who asked her for your opinion on anyone else’s life. She’s a trash heap who is seriously emotionally adrift.

    • Stella says:

      That woman is foul. She is aggressive, rude and odious….I wouldn’t buy her products as she represents trash. She was clearly dragged up not brought up….she may be rich, but she has no standards, no morals and is ethically inept.

  133. Christine says:

    Overall, people who are preoccupied with themselves tend to be high-maintenance, superficial, controlling, judgmental, demanding and draining. They don’t grasp the value of managing their emotions with dignity or common sense because life revolves around their subjective feelings and drives. This leads to self-righteous, destructive behavior, often at the expense of others because there’s little capacity for putting anyone else’s feelings first for a sustainable length of time. Bethenny appears to be blinded by a false sense of self-importance and if she were willing to do the work and correct some of her less than desirable traits, she could be a very pretty woman. However, it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy to “choose” to be a bulldozer in a china shop.

    • Sammy says:

      Bethany is a Narcissist Borderline personality disorder. She wants to focus on others faults instead of hers She is damaged goods.

  134. Lisa Carlos says:

    Amen! Wtf Bethany? She is a nut and I’m sad cuz I loved her season 2. I’ve tried to like her the last 2 seasons, but she is out there and she’s a major narcissist. Good Riddons. Funny enough, this is the first time,… I like Lu! Go Lu! Loving you this season! Don’t change a thing. 🙌

  135. LBFmarketing says:

    The only thing worse than watching Bethenny’s behaviour on this season of the RHONY is watching the other women act like they are in high school by trying to be her minions. Bethenny is a bully, a classic Mean Girl. In fact, watching her is borderline commical as she is an older, more horrible version of Regina George from the movie Mean Girls.
    What is so disappointing this season is seeing Carole, who I thought was an educated, intelligent woman, follow around Bethenny like a lapdog when really the women should be standing together against any person who is behaving like such a bully.
    The fact that they’re not makes me think they are cowards themselves and scared that she will turn on them next if they do; after all, Bethenny has no limits and clearly does not know how to draw the line. What grown woman speaks and acts like she does? Her poor daughter will watch the show one day and probably hold her mother in the same regard as Bethenny sees her own mom. It’s sad to see the vicious cycle. Let’s hope her daughter is never spoken to the way Bethenny talks to some of the women on the show… Nobody deserves that treatment and she should be fired for her behaviour. Bethenny is clearly a damaged individual and these women on the show and the producers are her enablers. Imagine working for her, imagine being married to her!! What a nightmare.

    • Christine says:

      I’m also disappointed in Carole. This is a woman who claims to have been a friend of the Kennedy family? Did she act like this in front of them? She’s compromised her reputation by planting her lips on Bethenny’s behind and becoming the dynamic duo of mean girls. It was awkward and embarrassing watching them at Jules’s luncheon and particularly horrifying to watch Dorinda’s holiday sleepover. Dorinda should have kicked them all out, except for Jules, who showed respect for her host. Bethenny’s attack on LuAnn was sickening, but scurrying off like a cock roach to hide in shame while continuing her twisted rant and lame excuses was vomit worthy. If she regrets this scene, it won’t be because she hurts others with her subjective judgments and obnoxious attacks, it will be regret for having revealed a total lack of emotional intelligence and exposing herself to the judgment of a few million people. It’s not fun being shredded by the public, but if you can dish it out, then you best be able to take it and Bethenny openly takes pride in being abrasive. So hopefully we won’t see feigned remorse or tears because this person cries only for herself. If Carole had any smarts, she’d get some distance or stop defending and participating in awkward and destructive behavior. And yes… you would think Bethenny would want to be a great role model for her daughter, but she’s obviously not the kind of person who’s inspired to improve for the sake of a child. No amount of fame, fortune or success can ease or soften the long road of life’s harsh lessons.

    • Lori says:

      I love you guys! You have said exactly what I’ve been thinking and I can’t find anyone who feels like I do until I found this site! Carole is almost worse than Bethenny!! Ugh. Thanks for giving me a site to vent!!

  136. Elle says:

    I can’t watch rhony anymore. I really hate how the women in there kiss Betheny’s ass. I love LouAnn but she too has become passive to Betheny. Carol is the biggest ass kisser and follower of hers. Who will stand up to this tyrant?

  137. Frankie says:

    Why does everyone on the Real Housewives of New York seem to b so scared of Bethanny…she is a loud mouth, skinny, ugly, man acting, judgemental insecure jealous woman!!! These women are accomplished on their own and they’re kissing her butt…its sad! I would tell her to shut her big, fast talking masculine, pushy insecure ass up!!! What stupid women!!#

    • Sam says:

      Custom Bethany talks about them in a degrading way. She has a NARCISSIST PERSONALITY DISORDER. She points out others flaws so she doesn’t feel weak

  138. Samantha's says:

    When thing started Jill got her on the show. Bethany is fake and jealous of everyone who is happy.🙁 She has a NARCISSIST PERSONALITY DISORDER.

  139. Relle M says:

    Yes.. She gave Jill her ads to kiss. She is awful.. We need to tell the new women to stop kissing her ass. They will regret it

  140. RelleM says:

    Yes.. You said it well. She shits on anyone that helps her. Poor Carol her lips have a permanent parking in Betheny”s ass. I want this to get to bravo

  141. Sandra Granstrom Pushion says:

    I can’t stand Bethenny Frankel!! She has become evil and crazy!! Her rant in Luann was despicable. Her and Carol are two, peas in a pod. Luann has tried to apologize. Remember, carol was lying to Luann. Bethenny was a great gal I thought!! I mean come on!! Sonja Morgan can really damage her business. She’s a narcissist in major ways. I think her actions alone, can ruin her brand.

  142. Connie DeFrances says:

    I can’t stand that know it all attitude she portrays. Her voice makes me cringe. I can’t believe you people buy her crappy sugar ladened junk drinks. She looks anorexic and close to a dried up prune.

  143. Get Bryn help now and stop the cycle of narcissism. It is too late for Bethany, but not for Bryn. It takes more to being a mother than being pregnant. From what I can see this little girl would be better off with her dad. At least he knows what it means to be a parent.

  144. Pat says:

    She is an idiot and should be thrown off real housewives of ny. None of us act like her. She is a disgrace !!

  145. Cee says:

    Dislike this girl very much!!! Get off your high horse! She sucks!

  146. Tracy drost says:

    Can you believe this jackass wants to stay clear of a castmate because she has a eating disorder but labels. her brand Skinny bitch?She needs to go be a mother to that little girl and maybe do some growing up herself instead of acting like the mean girl.She is a strait up rude.No manners came with her money.Why did they ever let her back.She took a huge dump N.Y.C. and now it sucks.

  147. Lynn says:

    Amazing page. Having to be friends with Bethanny should be against the Geneva Convention- it’s cruel and unusual punishment, she’s such a brutal bitch. She stopped being even mildly funny or

  148. Lynn says:

    Amazing page. Having to be friends with Bethanny should be against the Geneva Convention- it’s cruel and unusual punishment, she’s such a brutal bitch. She stopped being even mildly funny or witty- she’s just mean bitter and cruel. It’s hard to watch, she gets that twisted evil mouth going when she lays into people and she’s like an angry chihuahua, that needs to be put down

  149. S. says:

    Bethenny is so self absorbed it’s difficult to imagine she has any friends. She lacks compassion, empathy, loyalty and…most of all “authenticity.” Who she proclaims to be couldn’t be further from the truth. She’s a fraud, bully and doesn’t have an authentic thought, action or motive. Carole, her new bff is nothing but a follower and was first in line to drink Bethenny’s CoolAide!!!! Make no mistake that Carole is riding on Bethenny’s coat tail and Bethenny is fine to drag her along. Rest assured that arrangement will not last forever. Bethenny does not have long term friendships and Carole will fall out of grace before long. Bethenny is self absorbed, self centered and always playing the victim, always blaming her mother or ex-husband…she jumps at the opportunity to attack, belittle, degrade, humiliate and just be “mean” to others who have befriended her. She continues to blame her mother for so much and it is my opinion that anyone who “hates” the person who made their life possible and publically ridicules them has severe character flaws. That’s not to say that her mother was perfect or that she was even fair but Bethenny always taking the opportunity to slam the woman who gave birth to her says more about Bethenny than her mother. If all she says about her mother is true … she didn’t fall from the tree.

  150. Rie says:

    The clash of Bethenny’s Skinny girl brand and Jules Weinstein’s real life anorexia. A cocktail that doesn’t mix well. Perhaps why she’s been aloof and snarky towards her all season. This season is just a skinny girl infomercial. *yawn*

  151. Tracy Drost says:

    Bethany just sucks.Everything is about her divorce.Skinny Girl.Her daughter.Oh,and let’s not forget the vegetarian dog named Cookie.I think that’s it.All she talks about is Skinny Girl enima’s and Skinny Girl this.Is she serikus

  152. Renae Mayfield says:

    Bethenny Frankel is clearly suffering from some level of mental illness. I say this because normal women aren’t usually so desperately cruel. She acts as if it is her mission destroy those whom she seems less intelligent when clearly it her level of intelligence and sanity that should be questioned. The way that she attacks people who are not equipped to fend her off is merciless. Poor Jules and Sonja they are like “lambs to the slaughter” with Bethenny! Shame on those who love to watch her horrible attacks on her innocent victims, even the not-so-innocent are no match for “show no mercy” attacks! I’m sure Jason had a bullish existence with her and I hope he has primary custody of their daughter. Speaking of the child, if Bethenny doesn’t get some serio, psychiatric help she may destroy that innocent child. I use to be a big Dan and rooted for her success. So sad, it is success that has driven Bethenny to maddness!

  153. Karen says:

    She’s just a miserable person and a complete know it all. She has no humility. Most people are humbled when they come through the one side of hardship. Nope not Bethany she’s completely obnoxious!

  154. Enough about Bethany, save Bryn’s future! This little girl needs a voice and a chance for normalcy. Jason Hoppy needs full coustody. Giving your child choices to pick out their clothing doesn’t make you an evolved mother. Get this poor little girl help. As a mother and grandmother with many health problems it is not about me. Stop the boo hoo, pull yourself together and be a parent before it is too late.

  155. linda says:

    B is a liar and full of crap her ex husband had a lot to do with her success she had plenty of people backing her. I personally know she herself stuggles with belemia and weight issues so she can blame her mommy all she wants she has also openly on the show admitted to it. She is a very bad person who has for sure exaggerated her childhood way exaggerated and stil uses ot as a story line how dare she have the balls to say she can’t be around julez lol she is threatened by jules and now tonight we get to see this disgrace blow up luanns night she is an oppertunist like I have never seen before I say we draw a petition to brave to relese her and her side kicks she is just nasty ugly person inside and out

  156. linda says:

    Just watched this weeks episode this woman is crazy she wants to keep a superficial friendship with luann?? I think the whole text message of tom with another woman is all vethenny she just can’t be happy or not be the leader among these followers I know this the reunion is going to be the bethenny show it hurts to watch her thst voice that poor child or hers when dose she spend time with her ah never and maybe thats s blessing because she is a toxic slob who is sleeping with one of her childhood friends husband this guy is definitely a head case for sure. Another piwer couple vomit!!

    • Christine says:

      Bethenny likes to dish it out, but she can’t take it. She verbally attacks people and then runs off, hides out in some other room, justifies herself to any butt kisser who’ll listen (usually Carole) and blames the person she attacked for the whole scene. Then she avoids that person so they don’t get an opportunity to confront her. If she ever aimed her machine gun mouth at me, I’d pickle her with a dose of her own medicine. Your opening line, “if you can’t handle the truth, then you can’t handle me,” goes both ways kiddo.

  157. Lori Behrendt says:

    She I’d such a bitch I can’t stand her

  158. Maria says:

    She is an awful shrill, bitter, shrew!

  159. Debra Schmeling says:

    I ,as a grown person, can mot undesestand hateful comments about Bethenny. Intelligent, ambitious, falls passionately in love with her friends, , but God forbid she is loyal to other women. Her daughter, her ex, have all been touched by knowing a person like her. Stength and conviction are a difficult road, she is mot perfect, no one is but she is ETHICAL!

  160. Lori says:

    One of the (many) reasons I am so bothered by Bethenny is that she doesn’t have conversations with people – she interrogates them! And she does it all with these cold, dead looking eyes. The only time I saw her eyes have any life in them was when all the girls were together at the restaurant prior to her telling Luann about the picture with Tom, and all the mean girls (Bethenny, Ramona, Carol) were laughing and making inside jokes at Luann’s expense! Bethenny seemed positively gleeful with her eyes shining like beacons! And the level of smugness and self righteousness is pretty unbelievable. I wish she was not on the show. She has ruined it for me. I literally cringe when she is on.

    And then there is Carol. While I loved her the first couple of seasons, I now see that she is super petty and icky. She had so much more class when she was hanging out with Heather Thomson. She is now Bethenny’s minion, desperately seeking Bethenny’s attention and approval. And honestly, if I see one more shot panning over to her with her mouth open in that weird way (picture someone trying to say the word “who” with no words coming out, or someone trying to whistle), I will scream.

  161. Debra Schmeling says:

    I love that someone agreed.

  162. linda says:

    Bethenny is a disgrace with NO INTEGRITY lets be clear so this may not be a website for you to comment. She has a vicious streak and feels superior she has ruined the show and carole and ramona are ass kisseres period. Last season carole was all about heather and this season it’s bethenny she wants to be a kool kid at 53 pls spare us and ramona is going to do what ever to stay relevant. But bethenny is a liar she played on ppl heart strings with her childhood I have seen puctures of her and her mother on extravagant vacations and they were not off the Internet but a reliable source she thrives on negatively and is a spoiled brat that exaggerates for attention always has she is a egomaniac and a very foul person and yes,her now boyfriend was still married when they began seeing each other so her little show on the reunion was bs

  163. Todd w says:

    Thank you so much for this blog. I have been watching this show for a while now and I cannot believe how awful Bethany is. The worst person alive. I have never reviewed anything in my life but somehow this woman has moved me to write. I can’t wait to read every comment and enjoy the fact that I am not alone.

  164. Judy says:

    She is a bully!!! Makes fun of people’s homes sneaks out of them so rudely!! I used to like carol now she’s like a puppy following her around aggreeing with everything she says. Two high school mean girls. I see no difference between Jules weight and Bethany’s!!! Look in the mirror girl!!

    • Stella says:

      Bethany..(LA spelling) lacks social grace, is vindictive, cruel and has no boundaries. She is skilled in hurting people and is totally lacking in etiquette. The girl may have a profitable business, but she is foul and I would be concerned for her child’s well being. I find carole pathetically weak, lacking in character, extremely boring and void of charisma. Both have extremely large and offensive mouths – but for different reasons.

  165. Kit says:

    Why does Bethany .constantly talk with her mouth full?

  166. Lilly says:

    I am embarrassed to be a woman knowing that Bethany is on TV representing women in New York. I have s low base feeling in my stomachs as Bethany has ruined my image of a life for woman in New York. There is no space for any woman to be herself as this Bethany will take it all. She is evil and calculated and just awful.

  167. Lilly says:

    We woman have our own truths and are proud of them. Bethany Frankel has her own truth. She has no right to call her truth the only truth. How dare she she bully her way to her only truth at other woman’s demise. She is the most hypocritical worthless woman and makes her money from a non nutritious drink being alcoholic and sugar – shame on you miss Frankel. Start validating all of woman’s truths and get off the physician cloud. I am feeling awful about being a woman.

  168. Jan says:

    I used to like Bethany, however, she has gotten so into herself. I just watched “Watch What Happens Live” (I Love Andy Cohen) and she has changed so much! She doesn’t care about anyone but herself. I was cringing every time she spoke because nothing but nasty words came out about the other ladies. I was wondering…..what would she do if everyone stopped buying her products. She is DEFINITELY not a roll model for women. And WHY does Andy Cohen cater to her? She’s NOT the reason for the show’s success (JMO). I’ll get off my soap box now.

  169. J-flo says:

    She is a rude, crazy, not-as-attractive-as-she-thinks-she-is, self-pitying, hypocrite, fake, back-stabbing bully.
    Karma is a real bitch, but I believe in it, and she’s in for some sad days ahead, for sure.

  170. Suzanne says:

    Her name should be Bethenny Frankelstein! She is a horrible little monster. She is so full of hate and rage, and all the world is supposed to accept her because she (wa-wa) had a difficult childhood. She says she is just honest, but she is just hateful. She spews toxic energy like a volcano erupts noxious gases. Disgusting. Shame be upon her.

  171. Suzanne says:

    I am curious as to why Andy Cohen is so crazy about her. Is he pandering to her because she is financially successful? Does he like her cruel and despicable behavior because it provides him job security? What is it that causes him to be so enamored of her? I have read that he is crazy about her in other tabloids. Does anyone know? Is it a combination of the above?

    • Aimée says:

      I think the same thing!! I mean…I think she makes his job more difficult. People are STILL asking for Jill back, after all this time. It’s clear that JILL PUT BETHANY ON THE MAP…USED HER.BUT, BECAUSE ANDY HAS SOME WEIRD pact with Bethenny, she calls the shots… I would love to see a day where every TV SET keeps rolling the now infamous statement, “JASON’S PERFECT”…ALL DAY!!

  172. Emily H. says:

    I left comments on this page many years ago…when I was immature and silly and had WAY too much time on my hands. Now, I feel terrible. Why there is a site dedicated to obsessing over some other’s person’s (perceived) flaws is beyond me. It seems to me that if Bethenny bothered you all so much, you wouldn’t pay her any mind. I have grown up and I wish you all the same.

  173. Lah Lah says:

    I have never in my life left a comment about someone on TV and probably never will again, however this person is disgusting. I can’t believe the way she treats people…and this is on television! Imagine how she is behind closed doors! I thank goodness that there is no Frankelstein in my life or anywhere near me. I’m actually sad for those around her and hope they are able to move forward after self damage control. Destructful, harmful, hurtful, nasty, condescending, rude, arrogant, antagonizing, obnoxious, and hateful …. Only to name a few. I would never buy her bottle that is basically a wine cooler or anything else she sells / would sell. Hopefully someday she’ll change and be a better person.

  174. Michelle says:

    I hate her boney, anorexic ass.

  175. Sheila says:

    Bethany is an unhappy person, no wonder her husband divorced her, she is so very annoying, rude, obnoxious, looks like she’s 70yrs old. She feels like she can insult people and thinks that’s keeping it real. Keeping it real is what a miserable hag she is. I hate how the women on housewives kiss her tail and act like there afraid of her. I don’t care how much money she has there is no way I would associates with her. To bad money can’t buy her happiness. She needs serious mental health.

    • Sheila says:

      Andy cohen please take Bethany off Housewives of New York I have to fast forward whenever she’s in a scene and I do not watch your after show if she’s on there, I’m born and raised in New York and every time I hear her voice I want to puke. Bethany is a very nasty person I will not watch next season or any other season with her on. She needs to be on dr Phil not housewives she’s not married her ex husband was smart and dumped her, now if only we can dump her off tv and into a mental institution the world would be a better place.

  176. Kellie Bolton says:

    I hate Frankel; she loves the sound of her own voice and its a shame because she speaks so much shit that its hard to understand what the f*ck she is talking about!! She’s also very unattractive; did anyone see her over-flated jaw on TRHONY when she was pregnant?! omg she looked like a Chipmunk that had 6mnths worth of nuts stored in her cheeks!! She also sounds like Marge Simpson.

    I dunno how Jason put up with her for so long.
    She is also horribly skinny & thinks she is the ‘star’ of the housewives.

    Frankel go away.

  177. Kellie Bolton says:

    Oh and P.S I just love this site; into Google I typed ‘why is B Frankel so annoying’ & up popped this site!! I thought I was the only one that thought she was so damn irritating!!

    This is fun!!

  178. Greg says:

    That nasty, arrogant tart cow called bethany freakal can dish it up, but can’t take it apparently.

    She just got ex-husband jason hoppy arrested for “alleged stalking” and saying “he would destroy her”. About time someone stood up to her skinny ass for his well-being and the daughters future sanity.

  179. ZoeCohen says:

    Can’t stand Bethany – really think she evil and not funny – emotional problems- I hope her Jason hoppy gets custody of child –

  180. Christine says:

    I see a total change in Kyle Richards! Kyle who I still like I see is trying to come back with comments like “we look like Christmas” to Lisa Rinna. That’s totally something that spare parts looking freak would say……RUN, KYLE RUN, DON’T ACT LIKE HER, YOUR TOO SWEET AND I SEE YOU FALLING INTO HER WAYS, PLEASE FOR YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY!

    • Kellie Bolton says:

      Hun this is about Bethenny Frankel not Kyle Richards!!! This site is called “I hate Bethenny Frankel” and its not about housewives of other shows!! lol

    • Tracy says:

      Bethenny is exactly like my sister. Cruel, attacks when defensives come up and is brilliant at dodging with logic, and lacks emotional sensitivity, such as (sister) Your an asshole. (Me) that’s hurtful. (Sister) well that your problem and you can’t let things go.
      WTF!?!? She is the ultimate gas-lighter. Tonight the RBWONYC is airing and I was curious if anyone saw what I did with Bethnney and found this site!?!?
      I am not longer in contact with my sister. And feel she’s the queen bee diagnosis of narcissistic and boreline personality.
      So much of this is about trauma and I hope and my sister get the care they true need and deserve. Unfortunately people close to them will continual leave them.

  181. Christine says:


  182. Christine says:


  183. Christine says:


    • Kellie Bolton says:

      I said lol to let you know that although true my comment was a ‘laugh out loud’ moment and you’re going on about me being cuckoo & your statement strongly suggests that I’ve went off my head with hate when your wrong! Read it again…

      • Kellie Bolton says:

        You sound like your filled with hate dear and saying this site isn’t about you?! eh where did I say it was? show me where you get that from?! All I did was point something out & its made you nutty… jeez take a smoke

  184. Aimée says:

    I was going to start by saying, “I think the most annoying…”, but then, I realized that I kept coming up with more STUFF!
    So, in no particular order…
    **Does anyone really believe that Bethenny was ever ‘penniless’?? You don’t live in Manhattan, have Rich Friends, have money (or the Credit Score) allowing the ability to run a successful, Start up (at the time).


    **Why complain about being “SHIPPED” to BOARDING SCHOOL, while complaining that home life was “unbearable”?

    **It was brilliant that Bethenny got me to watch her cry (week after week), about how “PERFECT” JASON WAS, until he “wasn’t”.

    **Bethenny, I am all for the religious/ethnic tease. But there is Virtually NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN JEWISH-JILL and BABBLING BETHENNY (except that she embraces who she is)…

    **Bethenny, what the hell do YOU have to cry about?


    **And like I said…No particular order…And I’m sure I can find lots more, but…

  185. Debra Schmeling says:

    I keep saying I like Bethenny. I find her to be driven and snart. Debra

  186. Flo says:

    God miserable people. Bethenny is a cold hearted narcicist. I don’t understand how she has friends.

  187. Daniel Garcia says:

    Am I the only one who still hates Bethenny Frankel?!!

  188. Daniel Garcia says:

    Oh thank God, I see now there are more of us here!!
    To me she is, at once, completely uninteresting AND YET hugely narcissistic. She makes me yawn and vomit at the same time.

    Bethenny = Yawmit

  189. Debra says:

    I never hated Betthenny. I think, she is smart, rude, and life clipped. Like all of us. This was the only site I could find to defend her. Not that she needs my help.

  190. Aimée says:


  191. Aimée says:

    People may wonder why, if Bethenny drives me so crazy, that I insist on writing about her. Well, that is an extremely relevant Observation, so I am going to respond to my own comment…
    Like any other Train Wreck…I can’t keep my eyes off this nut!!
    I don’t think she expected to be so despised, when she first hit Reality TV. I think her first “reality” was the “First” Jason, dumping her, in light of her star, rising. She didn’t think Jill would turn on her and was truly humiated, on the Brooklyn Bridge, when Ramona told her she had no friends. I think she made a conscious decision to accept the criticism, as long as it brought her money. That’s her “Gig”. I do, however, think she would have rather been loved. I also believe that she is still Flabbergasted, that we really CAN’T STAND HER. I don’t think she has ANY TRUE SELF AWARENESS, AT ALL…
    Her venom, is CLEARLY DIRECTED at any WOMAN, who is liked, by the media… ESPECIALLY, if it’s a NATURAL QUALITY, or worse, AN INHERITED QUALITY. She would be attacking Carole Rad, also… Envy beyond Envy (incredible wealth, connections, prominence of name…
    But, Carole could smash her with a pen, where there would be no Reality, comeback. The circle of people that Carole affords her, is undeniable…Just ask Sonja. Losing those Morgan affiliations, placed her on the “Z” list (even through my Blue Collar, eyes!). Did we even have to watch her introduction to TINSLEY MORTIMER, to know Bethenny had NEW BLOOD??!!
    HAS ANYONE WONDERED IF BETHENNY INHERITED ANYTHING FROM BOBBY FRANKEL?? I bet she did!! And I bet she’d be willing to go to court over it. It’s the perfect Reality TV hype, that she is so well versed.
    …My new investigation…
    ¿¿who’s with me??

  192. SJ says:

    Bethenney’ s harsh opinions, sniper shots and running away with Carole to snicker have grown tired and boring. And, if Andy is allowing her to run the show as he is Vicki somebody needs to buy him a set of rubber sheets.

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